Gamblers to be more politically active than non-gamblers (facts)


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Harrah's Survey 2004, based on three studies such as the National Profile Study, the U.S. Gaming Panel and the 2004 World Series of Poker, has recently revealed a profile of the American gambler. This years research, unveiled by includes a new area, which focuses on politics and its correlation to gamblers.

According to the survey, more than 53 million American adults - 26 percent of those 21 and older - made 310 million casino visits in 2003. Gamblers, more commonly than non-gamblers were found to have donated money to a political candidate or cause (26 percent vs. 19 percent) and to have signed a petition in support of a political candidate or cause (51 percent vs. 42 percent) in the past four years. In no category of political activism were non-gamblers shown to be more engaged than casino gamblers.

Eighty percent of casino gamblers said they "definitely" will vote in November, compared to 77 percent of non-gamblers. A "mostly Democratic" point of view was shared by 34 percent of gamblers compared to 27 percent of non-gamblers. At the same time, 31 percent of casino gamblers described themselves as "mostly Republican" as opposed to 34 percent of non-gamblers. 14 percent of gamblers and 17 percent of non-gamblers consider themselves to be "complete independents."

Interesting fact... but obvious, 'cause gamblers are more likely to risk than their "sober" opponents.. :) and politics IS hazardous business... :D

elaboration of the investigation :D on
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I don't think Bryan (the casinomeister) is going to be thrilled about you posting a bunch of stories with links to your own affiliate board. This is at least the 3rd one I've seen.