Banned User - dodgy back stabber
Jun 1, 2002

I've done some digging since you were kind enough to send me further info regarding Esther Banks ( aka Willinger ) the daughter of Jack Banks ( aka JACQUES BENQUESUS ) founder of Galaxiworld.

The following URL tells the story.

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From the way I read the e-mail this matter happened a few years ago, I was shocked to discover it is only recent; April 24, 2003.

Vegas Heat Casino was running in partnership with a subsidiary of Telton Ltd and using casino proprietary software supplied by another subsidiary of Telton Ltd. Software used to power Galaxiworld.

As of the 9'th of September 2003, I have ceased partnership with and have closed Vegas Heat Casino. However the backwash from this & now discovering the Esther Banks ( Willinger ) Jack Banks connection, only makes me think that my previous conclusions of data manipulation pertaining to my stats & other dodgy acts as possible.

I'm currently in a battle to obtain past data spread sheets, my players contact details & outstanding money.

On Friday I received an affidavit; more like a release form from Esther Willinger ( aka Banks ).

In essence it required me to sign this providing my full name, address & contact details along with a signature & proof of ID ( Drivers License ), before payment would be made. However it also included a clause that I would cease & desist from any further attempt to gain spread sheet data and my players records. Stating that I was only an affiliate and hence I held no further claim to this data.

I was never an affiliate & my claims to data & my players records are well within my rights of this partnership.

No I didn't sign the affidavit it, immediately retorting via e-mail to Esther Willinger my contempt towards this fiasco & my intention to bring this to the attention of Mr Keith Furlong Deputy Director of the IGC.

Janet Viippola - IGC currently has information pertaining to this situation in a number of e-mails forwarded to her & has placed these in waiting for Mr Keith Furlong's return from the Vegas Convention.

Esther Willinger ( aka Banks ) is currently the holder of IGC membership onbelf of Telon Ltd.

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