Dormant account
Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
Hi Bryan:

I hope you can help me with this.. On Wednesday, I opened an account with FunTime Bingo. From the first day until tonight, Sunday Morning 12:01am, I have experienced problems with the download version and the Java version of the game. I use a PC, Windows98 version. The problem is that when I purchase cards to play, the games locks up, freezing me out and I don't get to play that round that I purchased the cards/game boards for. Also, I loose the money that I have spent for a game. I have wrote several times to their help desk, requesting a refund on the purchase of game boards that I was unable to play. Help desk sends me information about who won the games and that there were no errors in the game reported but nothing really that pertains to my situation. Also, there is no reply answering can I get my purchase money back since I was locked out of the game because it keeps freezing up right before the game starts. The other reply I receive is that there must be something wrong with my server or connection. What about my lost deposits? It is strange that when I switched to the slot games, the games never did freeze up nor was there a lost connection. I played more on the slots and won more games than at bingo. I tried cashing out my balance to then close the account but my request was denied, I have to try to play the balance out but in other words, FTB is just taking money for games that I am not playing. Do you know what affliates FTB belong to? I can't believe a casino would allow this kind of behavior or is this a rip-off bingo site. I just want my money back for the games that I was not allowed to play and wash my hands of this bingo busting business. I would appreciate if you could provide me with guidance to handle this matter. Thanks, BS.
babysitter. I have been playing at Outdated URL (Invalid) for 5 years never ever have I had 1 problem with game or support try it trust me its a great place to play bingo
Gramsey (Pat)
I used to play at FunTimeBingo all the time. Can you please tell me what their reason was for denying your cashout? Also, if my memory is correct (and I could be so wrong) at FTB are you allowed to put the bingo game on auto and it plays for you even if you leave the computer? If this is the case, take off the auto, then each game you will have to hit "play", therefore, you won't lose money for that bingo game. They claim that if you are frozen or knocked offline, that the game plays for you. I don't know if this is true or not...but thats what all these bingo games say. I am sorry you are having such problems.
Love, Linda
Hi Linda,
The cashout was denied due to the 100% first deposit bonus. If I had cashed end the bonus would be lost which at this point I really don't care. I just to receive my money back that I paid to play the games. I never saw anything about putting the game on auto and if so, this was never explained to me by the help desk. Nor did I see it on the web site. While I played and talked in the chat room, other players stated they had the same problems.

This is the end of playing bingo for me, gramsey nice to see someone having fun at bingo.

Hi Linda, good hearing from you. I hope you are doing well.
babysitter give ibingo a try its an honest game if you love bingo as much as I do its worth a shot I can help you if you need me . been there so long they know me and treat me great I never heard 1 complaint in 5 years well good luck wherever you play
I as well can vouch for ibingo, I've played there for a while and had no problems. And babysitter, I hope you get all your problems sorted out.
Thanks johnnydemp and gramsey,

If the problem gets resolved at FunTime Bingo which I hope Bryan can help me out, I might try ibingo. I do enjoy playing bingo and I mean actually playing the game. I'll let you guys know how it works out. :yes:

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