Arcade refusing to pay back to card? Money laundering issue?


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Apr 27, 2017

I recently went into an Admiral arcade and won over 2k after purchasing tickets with my debit card, one of the staff helped me out with this as it was a bit of a faff but got there and to my suprise it's on my card within the hour.

Anyway, when I went there again a few days later the same staff told me, if I win over 1k I HAVE to get in cash as my withdraw was flagged last time by their bosses.

I'm just wondering why, and shouldn't it go back to how you purchased the tickets in the first place? The bookies sure make that clear due to money laundering I believe...

It's really inconvenient to be carry around so much cash on you as well...
It's really inconvenient to be carry around so much cash on you as well...
or convenient, can have a lot of fun in a strip bar with 2k cash :)
That sounds weird, are they trying to use it as a trap to get you to gamble it back?

If you had £2000 cash - not only is it a risk carrying that money about, but your bank would ask AML questions (and rightly so - because the casino intentionally broke a closed loop) and potentially hold onto the funds for a period of time pending investigation.
Well, I contacted them they said the following:

"For security reasons all machines in Admiral are set up to process any tickets over 1K winnings by cash to hand after redeeming ticket manually.

Additional they are limits set up on Slim change machine to take cash out max 1000 per transaction / 3 times per day and moving cash back to your account."

I'm not quite sure what that means, but max 3k bank transfers over 3 transactions? Seems like a weird block to me, I will ask them to clarify.

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