Fortune Lounge Payouts Split Into Multiple Pieces


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Aug 14, 2004
I've seen this mentioned here before (but never explained), and even e-mailed Fortune Lounge customer service about it a couple times (never heard back once, another time they said they were forwarding my question to someone for response, and again never heard back)...

WHY do all the casinos in the Fortune Lounge group routinely pay out one Neteller cash-out request in multiple smaller pieces?

It is annoying to keep track of. Today I had a withdrawal request complete in a record 14 -- yes FOURTEEN -- sepearate pieces.
They are refunding your deposits first before paying out any outstanding sums. So, if like me, you deposit in say $50 chunks, you will get a whole bunch of these back first.
That can't be the whole story... some of the chunks (more than one) are oddball amounts that I never deposited.

My theory (just a guess) is that they "refund" deposits made by other players as a way to avoid Neteller fees. However if that is what they are doing, I would think Neteller would have caught on by now.
Actually, this has been standard practice even with credit card deposits in the old days, and I'm quite sure Neteller is aware of this.

I can't explain the oddball chunk - there will always be one with every payment of this sort, but if you have more than one I have no idea.
I used to be a credit card merchant and with those you could issue a credit to someone's card independent of a purchase. So maybe they are doing that with Neteller. Scrounging up a bunch of purchases from various sources to "refund" someone their winnings to avoid Neteller fees.

If that's the case, it would be nice if they could come to some agreement with Neteller that would accomplish the same thing without the hassle.

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