Ex-Bonus Whore
Sep 3, 2003
You have to check them out.Great 200% promotion up to 200$,,E free and only x4 the total amount deposited (credits purchased + promotional bonus) :notworthy.Its so easy to meet the wagering requirements.I have also been in contact with their customer support and they are very courteous and fast.The only thing i dont like is the slow withdraw procedure.
I was silly enough to deposit only 50E and therefore I managed to withdraw only 150E at the end.It took me no more than 15 minutes to do so.I highly advice all of you to deposit 100 pounds and get 200 free.Then only 1200 to be wagered OMG! :thumbsup:
Today i found out in my account that my withdraw was 100E shorter.This was my bonus amount.
I have called them and they told me that the bonus money is never withdrawable.So the x4 wagering requirements its finally too good to be true :( and I wasnt aware of that so finally i got nothin back but my deposit. :(
I JUST phoned them. They told me to see the T&C's I'd have to download the casino first.
I asked Petrona ( CS person) to explain.
In short..your right :(
You can not cashin the bonus.
If I didn't ask she would't have told me.
I could have wagered the bonus and who knows I could have won a lot.Fortunately there are some other casinos with the same promotion so we can try our luck there.Also note that you must have a $ account in order to make withdraw's using
neteller.Better to use neteller because otherwise it'll take quite some time to receive your winnings from them.

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