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Dec 7, 2019
I have been registered to expekt for about 2 year, I have played on and off, submitted my documents and made withdrawals without problems. I have made bets and used their casino. I have used their bonuses and played by the rules.
On dec 5 I emailed them, as they do not seem to have a live chat anymore, and asked them to change the email of my account. This is because my isp will start to charge for my old address that I have used for about 20 years so I now have a new gmail account. At the same time I requested a withdrawal of about 1500 eur.
On dec 6 i got an email as if it was my first withdrawal and they asked for my documents, they already have my documents but thought I can upload again, however I could not login on my account there was information that I was temporarily suspended and that if I had requested a withdrawal I should contact support.
So i sent them a new email and asked how to send my documents. 6 hours later they sent me an email stating that my account is permanently suspended due to violating terms and conditions and told me to read the terms on their homepage. They did not specify what term they say I have broken. I have emailed them and asked and asked about my withdrawal, yesterday I got a deposit of 700eur from mgm ltd so i asked again if this is expekt version of 1530 eur. I have gotten no answers. What should I do?
Nice you got it sorted. Weird that they first probably thought you violated some rules and were going to confiscate part of your balance, would personally ask them to clarify little bit what happened, just return bit trust that it's not happening again next time with different result.

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