Eurogrand ( William Hill Owned I Think)


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Nov 29, 2015
EUROGRAND Quite often have offer like this weekend deposit £50 and get £50 free bonus up to 3 x a day until Wednesday, they had this last week or 2 weeks ago too.

So after losing £150 for 3 days straight today i win £750 after clearing the wagering, but it won't let me withdraw, so I go online chat and they tell me i still have to wager £15,800 lol yes 16k so as we dig deeper my balance is showing £751 on the download version of the casino, but live chat are telling me my balance is £816, so I login and yes they are right, so i have 2 different balances, £751 download and £816 webpage. I only ever login to the download so when my balance was £0 i would deposit again, but every time i deposited i was accumulating the wagering to every bonus, because i didn't know i had a balance on a different part of their casino.

I was trying to tell them that I only deposited when my balance was £0, that is what it was showing on the download, they said i could have declined the £5 bonus but that isn't true, i had to accept it to get the £50, when the balance was only £100 i assumed i couldn't have both bonuses, why should i have to check their webpage to see if it's there, it didn't even cross my mind..

I was in a lose lose situation, i keep depositing and can never really cashout, they said if they cancel all the bonuses i will lose the money I won, I think this is so unfair, it feels like i've been cheated, conned or whatever term you want to use.

I was calm and i said this is all bull sh1T to be honest and i had this message

Charisth: Please take note that any profanity words are not accepted on this chat. This serves as your warning.
Thanks for contacting William Hill. Have a good day!

any ideas on what i can do? they won't budge, do they have a casino rep here?

thanks in advance


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Aug 25, 2004
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any ideas on what i can do? they won't budge, do they have a casino rep here?
No rep on the forum AND Eurogrand are in the Rogue Pit, which means you can't PAB.
(Unless Bryan is prepared to make an exception)

I don't like sending you elsewhere, but maybe another "watchdog" site can help you - though with this group's track record, that doesn't seem very likely.

Or you could try making a complaint through the UK Gambling Commission's mediator - the information about this SHOULD be on the casino website.