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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
Does any one know who this 1-900 works. I won 250.00 and saved 100.00 and continued to play with the rest at a Gambling Federation Casino. My problem is not with the casino. I don't know anything about this 1-900 who has my money. They go under the name Navahonet Works. When I checked to make a deposit, I noticed that my 100.00 withdrawal had processing beside it. But I don't know who and for what are they processing it for. I sent them an email and told them to deposit the money in my Paypal account. They wrote back and said Paypal doesn't take casino money any longer(?). Then I email them back and told them to put it in my Netteller's account. They didn't email me back. I have wrote several more emails to them asking about my money and what are they going to do with it put I havn't received any replies. I'm getting kind of worried here. You would never hear of a problem like this from Paypal or even Firepay(i hate their guts) or Netteller. The phone numner they use is a recording and you have to leave a message for someone to contact you. It's been three days and no one has call or email me. This is poor customer service at it's best. I want to talk to a live and in living color. Where is my money? I wrote Gambling Federation since I won the money at one of their casinos. Maybe they can put some fire under these people cause they are running their customers away. I think the casino was called Poker Classic. I love the games. It's refreshing to get away from the same old games that all the other casinos have. And you can play for nickles to quarters.You can take 50.00 and play there all week, win some, lose some and start all over again. And so far, I don't have any thing bad to say about the casino or the Gambling Federation. I know they have a lot of game sites and all the casinos have the same games. But that's cool. Now these people had to ruin all the fun. WHERE IS THE MEISTER I need your professional help with this one. What's the deal with this fly by night 1-900 money grabber/grubber. I want my 100.00 back and I want Navaho to cough it up like soon. Yesterday would have been better. sorry if I'm being rude, I'm just pist off..I could be playing with that money right now. So, can the great Meister please find out something about these people and help me get my 100. back
Babysister, I didn't see anything in the 900-pay blurbs to indicate they make disbursements. Their blurbs present them as being a payment option, although the casinos who use them present them as being both. Did you use the straight 900-pay, or did you register with your bank account number? There are two ways to go. I tried to use 900 pay to fund Colosseum, but no go, since Cox, my phone company, doesn't accept their charges. I haven't tried to use them with my Qwest account yet, so please let me know how this turns out. My understanding is that you will need to use another method to retrieve your winnings - I could be wrong. I have been saved from the Pay-Pal, Fire-pay, etc problems because I live in a theocratic cowtown where EVERYONE knows everyone else's business. I couldn't tie anything to my bank account without everyone thinking I was laundering money or something. I've settled on Western Union in an adjacent town, with checks for winnings. You're right tho, there are no people at 900-pay, only recordings. I think it's a Wiz-like thing, with one little guy behind a screen pulling levers.

After sending several emails, 1-900 wrote back and said they didn't have my money, check with the casino which I did. Seems somewhere in the mix up with 1+900 and the casino a check has been mailed to me from the casino and should arrive anyday now.(why do I feel worried about that phrase) Originally, 900 pay said they could not put the funds back into my Paypal account because PaYPAL doesn't do that kind of business anymore. That was an out right lie. My paypal account is still open and functioning. They didn't give me a reason for not putting the money in my netteller account. No one told them to send a check nor was I asked how did I want to receive my money. That's way I feel leery about the whole thing. Now the good guys over at Gambling Federation researched everything and found out what happened since I was playing at one of their casinos. We talked over the phone, sent emails to each other until the problem was solved. Real, live and in living color customer service and satisfaction. And for my time and trouble I received 20.00 in my account from Andy, the customer service man of the month. He stated he likes to hear what makes gambling fun at his casino and I can't think of anything that they are not doing right. They are accessable to the public at all times. You never will get a recording here to leave a message and we will call you back. I have high praises for the Gambling Federation and their staff but something smells over at 900 pay when you can't call a person to talk about your own money. I will be watching the mail box every day like a hawk and will let you guys know if "the check came in the mail". I would like to give out a personal endorsement for Poker Time Casino. The games are really different from the same old boring games at the other casinos and you can play from pennies on up. I was playing with nickels when I won the 250.00. You can take 20.00 and it will last you all day playing the different games. So check it out and be leery of 900 pay. I knew when I heard that Paypal was getting out of the gambling business, all kind of small operations were going to pop up. I think I'll stay with Netteller. At least all your transactions are in black and white and you can just log on and view your activities. Will keep you posted on when and if the check arrives.
Babysister,cybergray,& devoted others who unselfishly share their knowledge: After discovering Meister's site and monitoring it like the stock exchange(of which I know nothing about),A big hug is sent to all of you for baring your souls and boo-boo's in public so that the rest of us too embarressed to speak...find we are... normal! A great deal of what babysister has gone thru has happened to me...with the exception of winning any money. Last night after a minimum deposit into a casino using Fpy, it fired back an e-ml that said it was "temporarily" not taking any more Fpy deposits because of Fpys accounting screw-ups(they said it nicer). That scares me, and that great post from Doktorsuz(?). Does anyone know if Paypal will Really pull the plug on casinos? Anyhow...thanks for ALL your input and soon I might have courage enough to admit my bad experiences!
My advice to anyone using, or considering using, ANY particular payment option is to research, research, research. Read every single word available on the payment alternative's website, ESPECIALLY the fine print, and make sure you understand EXACTLY how the process works (how you can get $ to them, how they pay the casinos & how long it takes, how your winnings are handled and whether they have to or are able to be sent back to that funding alternative, what fees are charged and whether fees are charged for every time money is moved or just for the initial deposits you make, and exactly how or if you can get cash back from your balance at the funding alternative). I have noticed that people are using funding mechanisms without having any idea of how those mechanisms work, and that is very dangerous. Always read everything, and remember that the fine print often has the most important information (I realize it's boring to read all that info, but this is your money, and if you don't read everything, you could easily be throwing your money away - plus, by reading everything, you may be able to reduce the nervousness, confusion, and uncertainty that so many people experience when using new funding mechanisms). And in addition to reading everything on the website of the payment business, check with places like the OPA, Casinomeister, and other sites that try to keep people informed of legit & dangerous businesses. You can also ask about the payment businesses on message boards you use often, but keep in mind that many disreputable businesses hire "shills" who are employed specifically to visit the message boards & to say wonderful things about the business, while pretending to be regular players, rather than employees - so it's important to find a couple of message boards you like and get to know people, so you can get to know some of the people and know which people you consider to be reliable and people who have the same standards & expectations you have (it's only natural that different people have different expectations and needs, and sometimes disagreements may exist about whether a legit business is worthwhile - that's why it's good to get to know which people share your own expectations - that way you can know that sometimes everyone is correct in their own way, but follow the lead of the people who have the same wants & expectations you have).
Bottom line - don't deposit money at ANY business you haven't researched by reading everything on their site, especially their rules & regs & procedures, and by checking to see if legit advocacy & info sites like Casinomeister have issued a warning or a positive statement about the business (& keep in mind that if you see nothing negative, but also nothing positive, about a business from Casinomeister, that doesn't mean the business is legit - it just means Casinomeister hasn't had enough info to take a formal position on it, so be careful always).
Regarding the question about PayPal: PayPal will definitely be terminating its casino transaction business after the merger with EBay is complete, but it will continue to handle casino transactions for quite a few months still, and won't terminate that part of its business without giving plenty of notice to users. Log into your PayPal account, and on the main Overview page, you'll see a list of links on the left side - one of those links is to "Policy Changes/Announcements" (or something like that). Click on that, and you'll be taken to all the policy announcements & changes, and see that announcements are made several weeks, usually a month or more, before PayPal implements a planned change - and there is no announcement yet regarding termination of casino transactions. Also on that left side of the overview page is a link to the official statement about the EBay merger/buyout - click on the link, and you can read the official statement about what will be happening, and in that statement, yes, it does clearly state that PayPal will stop handling casino transactions once the EBay deal is completed (estimated date of deal completion is around the end of the year). But again, that is months away, and PayPal is still handling casino transactions now and hasn't given notice of a date of when it will stop (I recently learned that several of PayPal's competitors have been sending out e-mails that are supposedly from PayPal, saying PayPal has terminated all casino transactions now, & recommending the payment alternatives that are actually writing & sending out the fake e-mails - those are fraud e-mails, and if you receive such an e-mail, you can easily see that the return e-mail address is NOT PayPal - always beware of fraud in this industry - you can avoid a great deal of the fraud by carefully reading any e-mail and questioning everything you read - and remember that when it comes to PayPal, you can go to the PayPal site to get the real story, since they post all policy changes for you to read).
Good luck!
Thank you Doktersuz for enlightening me and bringing me back down to earth. I don't know why I keep thinking that everything on the internet is trustworthy and honest. But sometimes you have to find out the hard way. I will take your advise from now on. Thanks and lots of luck.
Thanks doktersuz! Another enlightening post...I'm keeping my eyes peeled for one of those "Paypal" emails.


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