Downtime Monday - 30 January


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Just a heads up that there will be some downtime today for some maintenance on the site. It shouldn't take long (I hope) :D.


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Site's back up. A number of the templates were changed, as well as some of the css - if you notice anything odd that needs fixing, please post what it is here.


Has this got something to do with VWM giving thanks to people? :D.


Just one more spin pleez!
I am noticing when I click on my shortcut to come to the site it goes from the form section and flips back over to the main page every time. It used to go straight to the forum section list of new posts, now I have to ask it to go back to the forums (with button) and then I get to view any new posts. strange, just started happening.

Anything I need to do?

Updated: I deleted my shortcut and added it new. Then my forum topics disappeared. Now, I just found that itty bitty arrow on the right, and dropped that down. I think I am on to something because it all seems to work like it used to...had me a little scare there thinking things were changing too fast for these old eyes!

Update #2: Yep all is back to the way it was and the way I like it... !!!