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Mar 31, 2002's my fault: I didn't read far enough down the page of requirements to see my only game played(blackjack) is EXCLUDED from BELLA VEGAS's promotions for cash-in! They use the game BLACKJACK when they explain how their win-lose adds up for cashin, but those Madison Ave advertising copy-writers know how to bury the pertinent information. It seems blackjack is one of the EXCLUDED games for cashing out bonus money. And my hard earned cash-in request must now be played again at 7 times over in...slots! Good-by money! Take the time to read it all before depositing your money to any casino. On a happier note...their customer support, while extremely difficult to understand whatever language they were speaking, was extremely courteous!
Vegas Country recently caught me in a similar "no blackjack" promotion. Oh well, we just have to be more careful reading the T & C.

Whitelites, I hope you don't try video poker at Bella your 2nd time around; that also is excluded.

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