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RIP Lisa
Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Dom, I just read that you sold Games and Casino. For real? If I'm not being too nosy, was this on the advice of your own legal counsel, or based on info gathered from various sources? I'm a little shocked to be honest.
'tis tue, 'tis true.

But it has been long coming and I have been reviewing offers since January.

Gamesandcasino has some 3000 pages. It takes 7 people to keep it going and to keep all the information fresh.

It is my baby, and I have nurtured it 5 years now and usually 7 days a week with 10 hours a day of work. :eek2:

I was wearing myself out, and as much as I love the site and this industry, something had to give.

I turned down a very nice offer in favor of a much smaller one because I wasn't going to let anyone change the course of the site.

It will continue on it's current path, add more information daily and the integrity and selectiveness of allowed advertisers will remain intact.

Gamesandcasino will continue to only offer places to play that it can trust to resolve issues that might occur.

If the new law wasn't about to be signed I may have dawdled a bit longer, but my mind was long made up. Gamesandcasino is my baby, but it's all grown up and I need a life!

I am not going anywhere, I am going to build a free play site soon and maybe come full circle - gamesandcasino started out with just free games. Still has in excess of 200 of them.

I have made the best of friends in this industry, and I will continue to visit with them at every opportunity. :thumbsup:

I will continue to post at my favorite boards as always, you can't get rid of me that easily! :D
Hi Dom,

I put it down to not enough sleep and that I was seeing things, but, now you've confirmed it.

I remember when you first started out, I take my hat off to your determinations and convictions (scumware battle for instance).

This industry can take a lot out of you but it can also provide some great camaraderie too. I wish you all the best in whatever it is your going to do next.



PS glad you took the high road and didn't just sell out :thumbsup:
The view from the high road is always a lot better. :D

I couldn't be happier with my decision, G&C is sailing smoothly and continuing to expand the player info that let it grow to what it is today.

Now I can go there daily and enjoy what I see without the pressure and worries.

My new site will make it's debut soon, I am shooting for December.

Yes, the scumware battle, the broken contract battle, the search engine spam battle... I am sure another issue will get my gander up soon.

Given the usual course of prohibition, it will likely be the "sleezy casino battle" coming up next.

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