Did I Get Shadow Banned From A PlaynGo Slot? (fortunejack)


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Mar 2, 2020
So over the past 2 weeks I've been playing on fortunejack. I like the site as im from US and there isn't a lot of options for us. I had some wins and a lot of losses and never had any major problems with fortunejack. However... I don't know who's at fault for this one...

I got hit with a "something went wrong" error on a particular playngo slot in the past week. It's been my favorite slot and the one I've won the most on, sword and grail.

In a 1-2 week period I hit like 1000x, 1400x, and a couple others in the range of 400-600x. It was a pretty good 2 weeks. I didn't walk away with a huge profit or anything, I was betting 40-60 cents and a lot of it went back into the casino/machines...

Well for the past week and a half I've been getting a "something went wrong" error everytime I try and play sword and grail. At first I thought it was an issue with my computer or browser, but I cleared cache, restarted, even tried on my laptop. Still get the same error even though the 'play for fun' option loads the game just fine...

So after messaging support about this 3 times, 2 of the times the support said they would email the provider and send me an email back with a response. Never heard back about anything.

A couple days later I thought... maybe ill try it from my phone... Sure enough the game actually works on my phone for some reason. Although I have a shitty phone and its laggy as hell. I thought maybe there was some hope and it was just a computer/browser issue on both my computers...

after waiting for a week for a response, I decide to try to play it again out of the blue just to see if something was fixed. HOORAAAY it worked! Now that my favorite game was back, I decided to deposit... Nope... once funds hit my account it gave me a "internal error / exit" screen and I got kicked out, so I try to load the game again and i get hit with the "something went wrong" error... WTF.

The game only loads when I have less than 1$ in my account and it seems to give me that bullshit error whenever I deposit money. Almost like I'm shadowbanned some how yet I can still play on my phone (which btw feels really different from my previous sessions, almost like my RTP was turned down to 50%... Last 3 bonuses I got on that game while betting $1.20 each was 0.64 cents, 0.30 cents, and $1.24..)

Something fishy is going on and nobody will say anything. If I'm banned from that particular slot they should just tell me and I won't waste my time on it. But I never heard of anyone getting banned off one particular slot.

Anyone have any ideas what could be going on?
Well damn I didn't know I couldnt play playngo. the site I signed up to thats the only good games on it the rest are pretty much blocked besides betsoft, endorphia, and some other shitty ones.
If you want a nice thin foil hat theory that is like yours. 36-48h ago i excluded and closed all my direx account. Completly tired of them oh my. My favorite slot was domnitors and i would play it all day long everyday. Since then i tried playing it on other sites not related to direx and i get kicked out everywhere, error 204 all over. I load a new browser clear cookies go back to casinos.. it works.. few mins later boom kicked out. Casinos i played had no idea what was going on.

If you'd ask me... even though i dont accuse anyone, i wouldn't be surprised one bit if they tried to block me from playing bgaming as they know it is my favorite slots and if i don't play them on direx anymore they won't let me play them elsewhere. Over the past 3 years it never happened in such a consisten fashion everywhere. If it's a coincidence then it's another amazing convenient one for the casinos lmao. Makes it alot easier to slow down/quit playing as now i get 40-50% RTP all across and when i finally start having some fun i get kicked out error 204. I could go just now with 100$ start and i wouldn't reach 200$ wager even if im on 20 cents bet. The party is over ;).
Not to mention in the past 2 days casinos have been calling me non-stop all day. It never stops, over and over and over. I had to literally unplug the phone. But yeah i know, it's all coincidence and i hallucinate stuff... the person i live with must be hallucinating too :D

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