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Desert Dollar New Microgaming are locking accounts

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by darling, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. darling

    darling Guest

    I find it very strange that people would download a new casino and shortly thereafter be locked out of their accout. Only one person out of about five or six people I know have received an explanation. Their support appears to be friendly but I am no impressed thus far on this casino.
  2. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    It's hard to determine exactly what is up but it could be a number of things.
    a) the casino is having growing pains during the first day of operation
    b) perhaps these players were banned in an associated casino and their accounts are being surveyed

    What was the explanation that the person received??
  3. darling

    darling Guest

    One person now has an explanation that they had duplicate accounts, They have now cleared up the problem. And, they have sent apologies to me. I will post another post stating that this casino is trying to rectify the problems as of now!
  4. sjstokes

    sjstokes Dormant account

    My Desert Dollar account was also locked. The reason they have given is I am in some database which is for people who have "disputed" charges with other casinos.
    The problem is, they can't or won't tell me how to find out what casino put me in the database. I have NEVER had a payment problem with any online casino.
    I had a similar problem with Vegas Towers, and after probably a dozen emails to them trying to get in touch with the source of this database, I gave up.
    Vegas Towers said the database is called "NegData" and is not maintained by anyone, so you cannot find out who put your name in it - absolutely no error-checking or recourse.
    I find this hard to believe, what is to keep a casino from taking thier high-volume customers, putting them in this database to keep them from playing at other casinos? They would NEVER be able to find out who put them in the database....
  5. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    Call Proccyber services. They are the ones with that database, and the only ones who can take you out of it if you really don't belong in it.
  6. glodge

    glodge Banned User - dodgy back stabber

    Hi All,

    I wouldn't bother calling PCS to ask about the negitive DB, it's a waste of time & one big frustration. Once you on it, IMO you have more chance of finding a sack with a million bucks in it, than being removed from the db.

    No matter if it is your fault or not.


  7. mrracetrack

    mrracetrack Dormant account

    North of Pluto
    Proccyber BLOWS!! :mad:

    They are a bunch of incompetent boobs.
  8. Antonia1953

    Antonia1953 Senior Member

    Forensic Accountant (Private)
    The Sonora
    Desert Dollar sent me a promo email and I responded to it. You could choose one of three bonus offers. I downloaded, registered and deposited-that was three days ago. I've sent several emails. Finally, this afternoon I received two responses. One apologized and told me the correction would be made in 12 hours. Right behind it, from a different person, I was told I created the problem by not choosing a bonus option, which was untrue, and that they had received emails from two different addresses, which is true. I have two machines, however, the software was only downloaded on one and I only opened one account. I told them to keep their money and their dishonest disposition.
  9. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Hi Antonia,

    Please be specific why you think they have a "dishonest disposition". I'm not sure what the problem is. Did you get the feeling that you were being scammed because they questioned the use of two email addresses or IP addresses? You didn't make that too clear.
  10. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Also, please forward me your DD account number if you want me to assist you. Thanks!

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