Dasist(N1 Interactive Ltd) - prohibit my country and takes 3200 euro


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Oct 10, 2021
Hi There, :)

In the Netherlands there was change of licensing. I got tons of mails that casino's will be stopping offering there services in the Netherlands. I went through my old casino accounts and found an old voiding (end 2018) of Dasist casino. In that time they stopped providing services to the Netherlands, I couldn't enter my account anymore because there was " IP restriction page" , after mailing with support they answered the following.

"Sorry, but you can't make withdrawal. Your account was closed per administration decision due the law of your country."

"It is law of your country, [EDIT].

The website accepts players only from those countries and geographic regions where online gambling is allowed by law. It is the player’s sole responsibility to inquire about the existing gambling laws and regulations of the given jurisdiction before placing bets on the website.

Users from the following countries are not allowed to deposit and play real money games including bitcoins: France, Spain, UK, Israel, Netherlands, Australia, US and its territories. " :mad::mad::confused:

Last week I saw Dasist casino was back providing there services to the Netherlands the reinstated account and my funds, when I asked about these funds Dasist locked me out again. :mad:

This decision is at sole discretion of the company and the player will not be notified or informed about the reasons of such actions

You can read it in our Terms and Conditions here - /terms-and-conditions​

I think they voided my funds because I have been dormant on my account. There is no clear answer from the casino I keep sending e-mails but Dasist is unresponsive. Can they void my funds because I have been to long inactive in my account? The Dasist site was unreachable for me for years and the support was unresponsive it seems under new management now.

Even if they have the legal right to void my winnings. (dormant account) due my current situation, there could be some remorse in the way my case has been handled in the past, when I played at there casino it was fully operational in the Netherlands after stopping there services in the Netherlands they void my winnings.

Many players get help on this platform, I thought I would give it a try!! :)

Any help is appreciated big time! TY TY :cool:
I tried the chat support again yesterday. Had to wait for a manager decision for over 2 hours.
Here are some quotes from the chat :

" We got the answer from my manager. The answer is >3020 EUR subtracted due to inactive account."


(showing the last email screenshot)
This was the last email after that I never heard anything from the casino due I could enter it as there was ip restrictions.
I mean this is a really rare situation where I been kind of mistreated by dassit casino brand. Really unfortunate.


I do understand. Please, wait here so I can contact my manager. I shall come back soon as possible. Please wait for me here. Thank you for understanding.

After waiting for 2 hours...

We got the answer!
The account was closed. The funds were subtracted at December 08, 2016 14:57:55 UTC. The player has lost the Skype verification. The funds will not be refunded!

In there own history my funds have been re-installed in 2018 to cash out! It's a really awkward situation. The support is more co-operative. They still don't answer any emails. Hope I can sort it..
The Dutch authority asked the MGA to remove the option for casinos to apply any form of inactivity fee. That might help you...

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OK i had a conversation with the representative they reply the following:

" After ordering your winnings withdrawal you were asked to complete the account verification. While the casino never received your selfie with ID and a note saying “Hi, DasIst Casino”, which was requested as a part of verification, the casino still allowed you to withdraw the winnings. Unfortunately, for some reason, you were not able to do so. In the meantime, your country of residence was removed from the list of territories accepted under Direx N.V. – the license DasIst Casino operated under at the time. This restriction was the reason why you could no longer access the site. As the result the funds were retained by the casino as your account was deemed dormant.

Since then, DasIst Casino has changed its owner, becoming a part of N1 Partners Group brand, and has also changed its license from Direx N.V. to N1 Interactive Ltd. As DasIst Casino was not a part of N1 Partners Group brand at the time and operated under a different license, currently it cannot be liable for any past financial damages you may have suffered. I regret to inform you, but due to this your winnings will not be reimbursed and your casino account will remain closed.


After explaining the situation that it was not true and I was fully verified after jumping to all there shenanigans (old owner) and my funds were reinstated (as I provided the proof) They explained the following:

"While the winnings were indeed reinstated, you never contacted the casino regarding the withdrawal afterwards. The casino did not hear from you for some time and retained the balance, deeming your account dormant."

So after they provided me 3 different reason not to pay me they finally in a position where they can only say the truth. It's a real shame how I have been mistreated by this casino brand. I think the casino community has the right to know how Das ist handles these kind of cases. I am trying to reason with manager.Let's hope they do for the trustworthiness of online gambling!
Seems I can't break legal ground with Das ist casino ( n1 interactive). When I want to withdraw my funds I was looking at the page I attached (see attachment).When I send a email now and back then there mailbox was full see attached. They are hiding the fact that they switched licenses. There still responsible for their customers funds. I also didn't get a refund of my original deposit it is just theft in my opinion.


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I am still working on this case I keep getting my emails not send out to there support.

Answer from support " keep trying at all times"

Please avoid this casino at all cost.


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