connect to casino voids my winnings


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Apr 5, 2005
utrecht, netherlands
I pitched a bitch recently about this but not sure if this post is relevant...
i have a account at connect to casino, and after reaching playthrough requirements they suddenly locked my account. (with $ 4000 in it)
what happend?

well i was at a friends place and logged in with my account on his computer.
and now they associate me with his account and are refusing to unlock my account (due to the multiple accounts rule) i have send alot of emails spoke to live support and even called management. Nothing!
Can they do this? i can't find any rules on their site?
i have only one account and also faxed the faxback trying to proof that i am a different person.

casinomeister can you help me?
Don't worry ...

More persons with your problem:

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Connecto is the worst casino on the net. Cash out rules and limits. Two weeks just to process a fax back form and still is not done. The support tell, NON TRUTHS, you can translate that into one word.

Their credit card system did not work for the longest, wonder why? You can not make a withdrawal request through the software, wonder why? You can not redeem comp points without a $50 deposit and fax back form. THE WHOLE CASINO IS ONE BIG GIMMICKY JOKE.

And more here:

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They are only crooks !!!

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