Expired Promo Community Cash Pot at 32Red Casino! Current Pot:- £304.00

There are promos that are no more.
32Red is an multi-award winning casino reviewed by Casinomeister
Our last episode is currently being uploaded. It will most likely be online around 1am, I will post it here first thing in the morning. If you cant wait that long then it will be live on my YouTube channel around 1am UK time.

A massive thanks to everyone who has been involved. I will be posting a poll in the morning also, you will be able to vote to gamble 100% of the cashpot or 50%. The cashpot amount will be confirmed and locked in for our live gamble.

I'm hoping to do the live spin on number 32 at 9pm on Sunday 3rd May at 32Red Casino. You will be able to watch the game live through the Evolution gaming platform.

Rob :)
Yes! Looking forward to Sunday night. If 32 comes in at 9pm, that’s going to be epic! When the polls up, I know which way I’ll be voting. Thanks for doing this competition, it’s been great to watch, and a really good concept for a competition
Community Cashpot at 32Red Casino
Game Number 8

Our final episode of Community Cashpot, can anyone make it to the winning wheel? A poll will be posted very shortly for you to vote on how to gamble the Community Cashpot. Thanks to everyone who has been involved, its been so much fun as ever! Scroll down for the results from all sessions and the players who managed to turn a profit.

Players on the Winning Wheel and Respected Profits
Dave K18/046.54
Buffalo Bill20/042.44
Lou Forbes22/040.54
Buffalo Bill24/0419.58
The Viking24/041.82

Congratulations if you've made it to the winning wheel, the very best of luck and here's hoping for that magical 32 to land for you on the big gamble.

Confirmed Community Cashpot
:drink: £303.56

Have a good one,

32Red is an multi-award winning casino reviewed by Casinomeister

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