Expired Promo 32Red Casino Daily Slot Challenge. Win Jackpot Progressive Pot + Up to 500 Free Spins!

There are promos that are no more.
Hi Rob,

Can I have AvalonII for next free slot please

Hey docentore, of course you can. Hopefully you'll get me some nice wins for that slot.
Hoping for a 32x stake win for that progressive jackpot for you!

Entry Confirmed
Thursday - Player 7
Avalon II

Best of Luck!

Rob :)
32Red Daily Slot Challenge - Day 28
Another 10 players take on the mighty challenge. Can anyone take the Progressive Jackpot out again?
There's only a few more sessions left this month, but don't worry, next month will be even

Today's Results Video

Thanks to everyone that took part,

Entries are open, feel free to choose any slot from 32Red Casino to enter!

Best of Luck!

Rob :)
32Red Daily Slot Challenge - Day 29
Very close to the end of the month!
Will we see another progressive jackpot?
Of course! There’s still plenty of chances yet!

Massive thanks to all of today’s players.
Feel free to enter again.

Rob :)
Pick the game you hate the most and play that for me :laugh:

Your poor balance:axeman2:

That's an easy one, I will play Highlander for you lol. God I hate that slot now :D
I recon its going to go a whole month without hitting a single bonus :(

Entry Confirmed
Friday - Player 6

Rob :)
Thanks again Rob, much appreciated this promotion and the time taken with it, videos, editing, etc, etc.

One more crack at Jurassic Park for me next time out please buddy!

Thanks Jono, it really doesn't feel like a chore, I really enjoy doing the videos.
Next month is going to be even more fun with some added extras :D

Entry Confirmed
Friday - Player 7
Jurassic Park

Rob :)
Hey Everyone,

Just to let you know...
There will be a mega session of The Daily Slot Challenge on Sunday as it's the last of the month. There will be no limit
on the number of players that can enter for the session.

Month end winners will be announced and the entries for next month along with full details will be posted.

Rob :)
Hey Amourgirl,

I've entered you as player 9 for Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday is a mega session with no cap on the number of players.

Best of Luck!

Rob :)
What a shocking bonus round on Tomb raider! I will opt for the same slot again please Rob and this time I hope I get you a nice profit

Hey Colin, thanks, we tried at least lol.
I've put you in for Saturday and Sunday as Player 10.
Sunday is a mega session with no cap on the number of players.

Good Luck!

Rob :)
Hey Rob

Appreciate that I am in for Friday as player 7.

Do I have to wait until that's finished before I get my entry for Sunday please, If I can choose now, I'll go Jurassic Park please.

Don't want you to miss out on the last day, plus all the games are full now until Sunday anyways :)
Jono, you're Player 11 on Sunday. Best of luck mate.

Rob :)
32Red Daily Slot Challenge - Day 30
The players on the leaderboard must be smiling like a Cheshire Cat, can today’s 10 players take them? Thanks to everyone that entered.

Today’s Results

Entries will be closing on Sunday at 6pm, so make sure you’re in for the BIG game on the last day of the month.

Rob :)

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