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Feb 7, 2004
To all of you clubdice-casino belivers...

Let me share my personal clubdice-experience with you and I suggest you pull up some popcorn because my letter is looong and its a copy of one I sent to casinomeister.

Im sick and tired of all them immoral and low online-cheaters...

Read and behold....

Im am referring to the ClubDice Casino that has given me more than an unpleasant experience.

I became a member of theirs on the 13:th of Jan 2004 and have had continuous problems with them as soon as I started to win .I play both their roulette,MegaBall and the slots and managed to be fortunate enough to have a few nice larger wins,still keeping me in the green. Like many players I also try to gain some advantages by trying different type of strategies and
I almost consider myself as something of a natural when it comes to casino gambling and "winning hunches" :)

I am however, not a very happy player since my overall experience with ClubDice has been a negative one.

Let me explain and please take into account when reading my letter that this letter has been written and completed during a longer period of time,

1.) When I earlier had a nice upswing at their live roulette table and I was in the middle of my "recovery phase"sticking my neck out by risking a little bit more, wich had worked fine earlier ,the casino simply "turned off " the "betting function" making it impossible for me to place my bets at these critical moments ,resulting in a lost recovery and a decreased balance on my part.This happened 3 times in a row. I even tried restarting my computer.

2.) After a nice win on the megaball -"lottery slots" my bank went up a good bit and then when I returned to the "lobby" ,I found about 30 units were missing from my balance!
I got angry and immediately went "public" by entering the live webcam-roulette table and said; "Hey,what happened to my balance??!It just went down from bla bla b to bla bla and I did nothing!!"Well as soon as I have said this,my balance instantly got back to its original status and I commented,"Oh its alright now.My balance is back.Must have been a tech-problem"....
I have closed my eyes so many times in a forgivingly manner ,hoping that they would stop cheating on me but as soon as I start winning again,it starts all over again...

3.) At times,when betting more aggressively, I have had some quite unreal results when playing at their privat table with their roulette-software but naturally this cannot unfortunately be proved too easily but when considering the above and my total experience with ClubDice Casino ,I dont know what to think...As an experienced player I do know when things are not the way it should be and I can with confidence say that strange things happens with their software when a person by the name "Mike" is doing his shift .This is not my imagination.I strongly suspect that someone has been tampering with the software at times when I have been there.Furthermore,as an experienced player,it is also very obvious that they today, are giving their dealers firm instructions to control the spins to their advantage when I am playing.And they are doing it very successfully I might add.I am not winning anymore.So I now wonder,isnt all these acts illegal?

I have had many nice conversations with their many pretty dealers that really seemed to appreciate me and I have naturally , always, behaved like a gentleman but lately,all of a sudden none of them respond to my greetings or "hello" when I try to communicate with them.Not a sound.Its not very hard to figure out who is behind these strange things...Looks like they now want to "freeze" me out...

I personally paged Mr "Mike" a couple of times at the live support .The first time I received nothing but silence.The last time a few seconds of silence followed by "He is not here".
I am in this letter enclosing one of my "Fruit Mania-Sessions" during Mikes shift.Could you Mr Bailey, please take a look at the enclosed gaming log and give me your opinion.I do know that its not much to go on and I do know, it probably wont tell you anything at all but ,still,it just might tell you something?I also wanted to send you my gaming log on their "Magic Slots" for a particular day when I had some extraordinary losses but they just wouldnt send it to me,claiming it was too large(I played for approximately 30 minutes) so we have to do without it.

4.) Sometimes their live roulette dealers happens to do a "3 spin-revolution-miss" resulting in a respin of the wheel wich I certainly consider as a very natural thing to happen but what I dont understand is why my account is still being charged ?This has happened on more than one occasion,decreasing my balance every time even though the spin and my bet was annulled? I have earlier never commented anything about this but a few days ago(31th of March at 13:48) I encountered the same thing and my balance went down from 914:51 to 903.51 in another nullified and revoked bet ,decreasing my balance from 914:51 to 903.51.This time I wrote them a letter but no reply thus far ,when I am writing this.

5.)After getting a little tired and quite uncomfortable with their casino I found another online gambling establishment by the name "Casino Carnival".It all looked professional to me so I joined.When entering their "lobby" on my first visit,I was immediately approched by their live support ,asking me about bonuses and such.I asked them,considering my earlier experience ,if they by any chance were related to the ClubDice Casino .The person by the name "Mike or Mark"(if I recall it properly)confidently declared that, that was not the case.
Well after another few days and some really quick losses with their roulette-software, I found out that they were indeed affiliated with the ClubDice Casino.The Carnival Casino is a sister casino to ClubDice...

So I ask myself,can you trust a casino that can tell you a lie?

There are many more less complimentary things to be said about them ,that I could
write a little book about it. Most online casinos certainly treat you nice...If you lose....But if you win,you will find out rather quickly which one of them is the genuinely good and honest one, giving you a fair and happy time,regardless if you win or lose...

In my opinion, it is how we online gamblers are treated as winners by the casino that separates the wheat from the chaff .

Finally, now after playing with ClubDice for many weeks/months and while I am still on the plus side, I "recently"(many days ago now) wanted to check my gaming history,in the case of a withdrawal, so I dont lose my winnings if I have not yet met their bonuses terms (wich I most probably have by now according to my own notes) but oddly enough,I could only find a few roulette bets that I had previously made, wich does not even count regarding bonuses.

Why a "Game History button" if you cannot access your total gaming history?

So nevertheless, I sent them 3-4 letters about this many days ago now and received a letter with my supposed gaming history for March only.Oh well,when I tried to check my March attachment, I could not find it, So I sent them my forth letter and kindly explained for them that they had apparently forgotten to attach the attachment *lol*.

They replied, Thu, 11 Mar 2004, with the answer that they have sent my request for my gaming history to the "technical department" since they said that they have been having difficulties to send me my attachment.
So 4 days later,Mon,15 Mar 2004,I sent them another letter.

I am inclined to belive that they are simply playing another one of their tricks on me ,stalling me ,so I will hopefully ,in the mean time ,play some more at their casino and hopefully decrease my winnings or lose the lot...

I still have not received my total gaming history from them.
What I keep receiving though, is a lot of letters with bonus-offers.

So tiresome...

Today,after everything,one thing after another,there is no doubt in mind that these people at Clubdicecasino are NOT to be trusted.

Today,I am somewhat shocked over the fact that these folks actually have "control" over that little ivory ball as well as their dealers.I belive that they even tamper with their software when needed.There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this is the way it is.

I dont think I will ever play online again or roulette for that matter...

When a casino start cheating on you its really no point to continue playing...

It takes quite a bit of bravery to risk money and place your trust on something you cannot see with your own eyes, to start with...

There were moments when I thought that I may not have to send this letter but today after my many weeks/months of play, I feel sort of obliged to do so,to warn my fellow-gamblers...


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