Bitch and Moan Classy Coin - Can you ever win here?


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Well, I am sure someone has won there. But if you do win, you will have a awful time cashing out, this is a terrible casino

If you have never won, count yourself lucky enough, you haven't been screwed over.

You might not win other places, but if you do win you would be paid from the CM accredited list if you meet the bonus terms if you take a bonusl


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I saw your other posts and you have played at casinos like slotnuts,cool cat and other not recommended casinos.

Yet you keep on playing on those casinos, also don't whine here if you manage to win and they don't pay.


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I have been playing at Classy Coin for some time now and I never win! :mad:Has anyone ever won at this casino?
Hi Sammy Shine,

If you do not wish to be taken advantage of then I suggest you stay away from all of the below listed not to be trusted Rogue Casinos and that includes Classy Coin and OnBling since I noticed from the other thread you have played on both.

These are Casinos that will high probability take advantage of you and not pay you out even if you do win.

Sadly I know from first hand experience because it happened to me.:(

Winpalace Group
Begado Casino
Casino Titan
Golden Cherry
Jackpot Grand
Slots of Fortune
Slots Jungle
Winpalace Casino

Directly connected to Winpalace Group
Revenue Jet Casinos
OnBling Casino
Grand Parker Casino
Loco Panda Casino
Classy Coin Casino
Ruby Royal Casino

Worst Casino Group of the year 2013, 2011, 2010

"Rogue": an unprincipled person, a scoundrel, a rascal, an undesirable deviation from a standard. The Rogue Casino list is a bit more serious than simply not being recommended. Most of these casinos are guilty of gross customer negligence bordering on the criminal. Some of these casinos have disappeared leaving their players empty handed and downright disgusted with the industry as a whole.

Rogue list -