Broken RTG game. "Santas Reel Wheel"


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Jul 6, 2010
Was playing the new RTG game Santas Reel Wheel. it is a very fun game. I got the bonus game and got the super round where you either win free spins ro get the firecracker Hold and Win bonus. I have won the free spins before which are great because you can re-trigger more spins and firecrackers. I finally managed to land on the green slot for "20" free spins. the game only awarded me 5 spins and didn't even give me 1x bet. All it said was Better Luck Next Time. I know that happens when you win nothing which is fine. The problem is the game is broken because it only awarded me 5 instead of 20 free spins.

I emailed support at Casino-extreme and they said they don't see anything wrong. Not sure what can be done. Just a warning to everyone not to play this new game. I am assuming it is an RTG issue. Picture below of the 20 free spins. This is not a thread to bash CasinoExtreme. I wrote to them aagin. Hopefully they coompensate me or fix the game etc.


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