Cherry fiesta online 'casino' - another player scammed!


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Jul 7, 2020
CH43, Merseyside
Just an update ...,cherry fiesta have today paid out my withdrawal only took a month
How did you get them to pay out. I have had 600.00 pending for 6 days now and i just keep getting told " we are having problems but we will pay soon ". I phoned the number on support and its an online dating agency. When i asked anthony on chat he said " oh number is chamnging "


When it comes to gambling, timing is everything.
Feb 24, 2018
I fear 600 is probably over the threshold that they would pay in the hope you will deposit more next time and keep you on the hook.

So you could be in trouble, I hope i'm wrong but you might never get that amount. Fingers crossed for you though you might be lucky if you wait another 2 few weeks like the OP.

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