Casinos that regularely gives out spins or cash to players that are cashable


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Feb 21, 2006
I was wondering what your experiences are and what casinos you would recomend if I would be looking for free treats during the week. To make it simpler I can share my findings and maby some of you can add some more casinos I didnt find.

If there are two casinos out there and one of them regularely throws me a bone or some real freespins (5 starburst spins are not worth the time to logon to the casino in my opinion. Hardly 10 either, or those annoying fire joker spins since that slot goes to a remarkable low minimum bet... I hate those).

Their coins system makes it possible to earn freespins all the time by logging in, ranking games and inviting friends. So if you are out of cash to deposit you can achieve some gameplay here for free by earning some points.

Any other casinos with this feature?
Usually 10 freespins each second week, but suddenly they throw you a bone. A free 100 some months ago and a free 50 today. To be honest - I think that is really generous of them and I do like the rizk experience.
Each friday there are freespins up for grabs and you will get them if you try, however you only get 5 though which is so low that its never worth the try really.... However you end up with 5 starburst, 5 jackpot spins and 5 gonzo so you could save them and spik them all at the same time which makes it a little better. So 15 freespins each friday.
€1.5 each friday, however you could spend weeks before you get a win on the $1.5 so to get rolling you need to deposit for sure. Stil free $1.5 each week ut seems

actually theese thre are the ones that comes to mind for having some sort of free entrance if you ever spent time there. What casinos do you recommend to be member of, do you know of any that regularely gives you a chance to get back into the game without depositing all the time?

I am sure there must be some casinos out there that regularely hands out treats to its members.


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Aug 29, 2012
Yeah dontcha just hate those Starburst spins.

LeoVegas on the other hand go the extra mile and regularly chuck out a mammoth two spins on a vast array of games, mainly Elk. So just when you think you've blagged a quid out of them, it turns out to be about 3p.

Now that's what you call giving something back :rolleyes: