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Mar 12, 2004
Well take my example and then try to calculate how many do like me, I know many do.

On Friday I was lucky and won a total of $6300 spread over 4 casinos/groups. I did a cashout from Casinoaction for $1500 and it hit my neteller in a flash, so I have naturaly played there again saturday and sunday loosing some $600 back to them. The 3 other groups won't be bothered to pay their players during the weekend and I have a policy not to play before they pay the flushed money. I only play on weekends, so when the 3 groups pay me on Monday I will have put the cash from them on my neteller card and cashed it out during the weekdays.

Imagine if they only took the bother to pay me my winnings on Saturday instead, then I would shurely have played back several hundred of dollars, more then enough to pay a guy to be in office. Multiply that with several other players that might also avoid playing before they get paid and the potential loss must be huge for the casinos
What coincidence

That's funny that you mentioned this. I won a very small amount at slotsplus and w/d 10 days ago. I also won small amount at club world. I got my cashout at clubworld but stll havnt gotten my money from slots plus

I emailed them with the same thinking. I told them I wanted to gamble more at their site but was reluctant because I wanted to make sure they would pay before I gave more money.

I got an email back from them saying that I need to be more patient!! More patient? I got my CW cashout in lightning time and 10 days later still waiting. Guess where Im gaming at? You got it....ClubWorld
Spot on post Chill :thumbsup:

I often think casino managers are either from another planet (or too thick) to realise that happy players are frequent players.
Surely it doesn't take Einstein to work that out? :what:

That's why 32Red, Intercasino, Club World et al will always be more popular than these short-sighted places.
Instant Satisfaction

Casino Action have shown it can be done in the case of Neteller. Better still, the player is in absolute control of the entire process from cash-in to arrival in Neteller. Granted, there is a limit of one per 24 hours up to $/2000 (for top VIP players), down to $500 twice a week for new (but verified) players.

The likes of Club World and BoDog are close, with withdrawals taking from one to six hours at the most to Neteller.

I am surprised that there are not more Microgaming casinos using the instant Neteller option in order to get "one over" on the competition. If more could be persuaded, then the rest will be forced to follow as it will become the industry standard, rather than a peculiarity at Casino Action.

Big groups such as Jackpot Factory should introduce it at least for their VIP players. Innovative groups such as Trident Lounge and Grand Prive should look into it. Groups whose CS are often "too busy" should try it to "reduce the workload" (BelleRock).
What's the point of withdrawing and almost immediately re-depositing at the same casino?

I think the point is that you *can* cash out immediately if you wish at any point, and get your hands on the money immediately, or at least very quickly. I think Casino Action's Instant Neteller and iNetBet and CWC's quick cashouts are excellent and speaking for myself, a short cashout time certainly does encourage you to play a casino more.

I won't even entertain the idea of playing a Playtech where it seems 48 hrs is the minimum cashout time (Excluding ToteSport, Bet365 and Club On The Park all of which have a UK centric presence). Same with RTG - only the two above and Bodog seem to have it right from what I can tell.

I like to know that I can physically have my cash back (and i mean "cash in hand" like via the Neteller ATM card or ACH) if I win big very quickly. All this hanging around for days doesn't work for me. Sure I may play some back, but not always.

The UK bookies and big brands have it right. Cash out, processed same day, money in the bank (literally) in 2, 3 days tops. When you go overseas it starts to get much more difficult to get quick payments, the above casinos aside.
Do you also go to your bank, withdraw your whole balance in cash and then deposit the whole lot again?

Maybe you can do that in Norway. :lolup: :lolup: :lolup: I'm sure you could in Amsterdam, where it ain't nobody's bidness but yer own.

Any suggestions for money management other than flush withdrawals? We all have different levels of self discipline. How do you manage your money at the casinos GM? If you don't mind my asking. I'm always on the lookout for better ways. tia
Yes, I think the whole withdraw/redeposit thing is an excellent way to manage winnings.

It does seem silly I guess at first glance, but Chill is right when he says that most people are likely to play differently (and possibly with less restraint) when they have a large available balance.

Also, one often gives more thought to how much one is actually depositing from their own funds, and is less likely to blow their winnings.

Of course, it all comes down to self-discipline and everyone has a different method of facilitating it.

One big reason for withdrawing quickly and redepositing at the same casino is to be found in the way promotions are structured. Most casinos reward fresh money with bonuses, but leaving money on account rather than withdrawing it is not rewarded.
Another reason is down to money management, making a fresh deposit is more meaningful than continuing to play with cash on account. The mere act of making a deposit feels like spending your own money, rather than winnings. I expect many players will play differently with different amounts in the account. I can certainly say that I do. When I have had big hits, I have tended to push it and increase the size of my bets. While this can make a good run great, it can also lead to losing more than I would have done had I cashed out the lot and redeposited my usual amount. Naturally, this does nothing for the casino, that would prefer you to play on rather than withdraw just yet.
With Casino Action, only 2000 can come out instantly, so when I won that 8000 on Thunderstruck over Christmas, I played on with the 6000 left behind. Had I been forced to wait, I would have withdrawn the whole 8000 and not played any part of it anywhere for a couple of days. if the casino took a week, it would have been a week before I played anywhere. Peversely in this case, the casino benefited by allowing me to withdraw portions instantly, rather than the whole lot at once with a wait - they got play from what I had left for a few days while I withdrew 2000 on subsequent days, as well as losing some back in the end.
I also don't play at a casino again until I actually receive the funds requested. I do this mainly to limit risk, I play at a lot of different joints, and while the risk from the games is known, the casino accounting departments and e-wallets are totally unknown. In fact, my biggest lost so far has been from Neteller (where i can't withdraw my funds).

However, I think VWM is right, most casinos, most of the time, will get more from most customers by having a lengthy 'pending' period for withdrawals where they can be reversed.

However, for those casinos where the withdrawal cannot be reversed, but still take forever to pay... well that's just incompetent. It might help their cash flow short term, but it doesn't help repeat business from the gamblers who are waiting for that cashout.

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