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Jul 7, 2007

This is to let people know about the casino rewards program and how unfair their system is.

In regards to Casino Classic, I used the 500 free bonus 1hr play to sign up. I have never used online casinos before and was delighted that I actual won 168.00 above that 500. In order to claim this you have to deposit 20, and then these winnings are deposited to whats called a bonus account, which I did.

They separate out your money as follows
Cash Balance
Bonus Balance

From that 20 I deposited, I won 450.00 which is classed as your cash account. I decided to cash this in. When I went to the withdrawal section it wouldnt let me. So I called there Customer Service, they said that I couldnt withdraw any money and have to wager a minimum of 5040 (30 times the original bonus amount won of 168 to be able to draw any money out. So your own cash and own winnings are not available until that wager has been met.

I would advise people to steer clear, if you deposit any money you cant get it back because of the 30 times rule, its a total con.

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Oct 14, 2004
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This is the problem with this EZbonus system, it has been altered by many casinos away from the original idea where your cash balance was yours to withdraw at any time, with any bonus balance being removed should this be done.
It is at least refreshing to hear that the software prevented the withdrawal going ahead, and saved you from breaching their terms and having the entire 450 of winnings confiscated as Prime Casino attempted to do earlier till the forum persuaded them that this was "not a good idea, fix the software to prevent it"

This 30x refers only to slots play, other games are from 60x bonus all the way up to 300x bonus.

With such a nice win, try grinding away at some of the slots using low bets, such at 0.18 per spin on Thunderstruck, 0.30 on Munchkins etc.
You will very likely end up ahead. Do NOT try "low risk wagering", such as red & black on French Roulette, this is CASINO REWARDS!
Since you have already attempted to withdraw outside of one of their bonus terms, they may already have you pegged as a "bonus abuser", although they tend to lock your rewards account without telling you, rathe than mess with withdrawals.
This "con" has become the norm at most Microgaming casinos using this system, and reflects the way the industry has tightened bonus terms over the last year as US players were pushed out, coupled with increasing levels of "fraud" from certain countries. (Players posing as many more players in order to beat sign up bonuses).


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Jun 11, 2006
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Casino Rewards previously told me they use a unique system in which must wager 15xB to cash out any winnings, and must wager 30xB to cash out winnings + the full bonus. You are expected to make a loss while meeting the playthrough on nearly all games except for French Roulette. French Roulette has a 1.35% house edge (on 1:1 bets), and is weighted 50%.


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Jun 15, 2007
lol, I got the max bonus and thought great. I read the terms and realized it was a waste of time. I enjoyed my hour of play though

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