canbet r not paying!


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Apr 15, 2007
I made a honest mistake with Canbet casino. They had a term that players from Israel has to pre negotiate bonuses before they claim them and I missed that term.
The software let me register, claim the coupon without a problem and auto credit with their signup bonus 300 for 300.

I managed to win $6000. They asked for documentation and everything looked as if they are going to pay.

Although they have Live chat, Email and phone, they never warned me that I am actually not eligible for the bonus I claimed. They also did not setup their software to give a warning or not allow players from Israel to get credited by auto feature using a coupon.

They did not make the minimum effort. I didn't know at the beginning that this term was there, because I haven't seen it and thought it was not there when I registered, but using some archive website I could see it was my bad.

I think that Canbet were honest they should have paid half of the money instead of that they setup their system to recognize my email as spam everytime I email them and my emails won't arrive there anymore. I was always nice to them and tried my best not to intervene forums.

They can setup their system to recognize me as a spammer although I am not but they could not setup their system not to let me deposit with their signup bonus.


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Feb 13, 2007
not loserland *lol*
It's exactly written in point 17

Canbet Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

1. When depositing to Canbet Casino using a bonus code, both your cash deposit and the bonus amount given will be held as non-withdrawable bonus funds until the turnover (playthrough) requirement is met.
2. Only one (1) bonus may be active on your account at any one time. Bonus codes will not work if an unfulfilled bonus is active on your account.
3. Unless otherwise stated all Casino Bonuses apply only to direct deposits into the Casino Account, transfers from Sports or Poker will not qualify for Casino Bonuses
4. Unless otherwise stated all reload bonuses apply to direct deposits to the casino.
5. *Turnover on excluded games does not count towards playthrough requirements.
6. Play on excluded games while under a bonus contract will result in the bonus balance being removed and the remaining balance adjusted accordingly..
7. Bonuses will not be removed once play on that bonus has commenced.
8. All bonuses are given at the discretion of Canbet Casino Management
9. In the event of a dispute the decisions of Canbet Casino management will be deciding and final
10. Canbet Casino reserves the right to change, modify or alter a bonus at any time.
11. All bonuses are unless otherwise stated are given once per real player/person.
12. Canbet Casino reserves the right to close any duplicate accounts, voiding any bonus or winnings accumulated in duplicate accounts.
13. Canbet Casino reserves the right to seize any finds in accounts deemed to be fraudulent or those deemed to have acted in a fraudulent manner.
14. All promotions are available only once per person, family, household address, e-mail address, credit card number, and environments where computers are shared (university, fraternity, school, public library, workplace, etc).
15. Unless otherwise specified, all forms of casino chips issued for promotional purposes (i.e. deposit bonuses, promotional prize winnings, free chips, etc) need to be turned over a minimum of twenty (x20) times prior to withdrawal. Please note turnover requirements can only be bet on slot games.
16. If, while playing at the Casino, you win a sum or a promotion regarded by the Management as worthy of publicity, we reserve the right to use your 'Nick Name' in any announcement about this result.
17. Player from the following countries are not eligble for any casino bonus without prior consent.

* Israel

That's why it's so important to read the T&C "before" you play on any casino!


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Oct 31, 2005
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Well, OP knows already that he was wrong. What we should do, is try to help him, if possible. I am afraid, they dont have a Rep here and PAB is for fully registered and above, if i remember correctly?
I think, what he can expect is: get his deposit back and thats it.
Lets wait for comments of user users, maybe some one has a good idea:)


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Jun 30, 1998
I am afraid, they dont have a Rep here and PAB is for fully registered and above, if i remember correctly?

Actually, she can respond to her own thread. In other words, if she started this thread, it's hers. She's still able to post.


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Apr 15, 2007
I pitched a bitch already.

I guess it is my thread and also my problem because no one agree Canbet screwed me.

Once a casino gives you to play they should pay if you win otherwise amend your system, that's how it should be.

The term does not say you cant play without a bonus and even the ban is not 100% but says you should pre negotiate, what I did is that I didn't negotiate, big deal!

They could amend the system to recognize me as a spammer although I am not everytime I send an email, they don't even have the courtesy to reply.

They should pay me half of the winnings, I made a 300 USD deposit there which is not a small deposit.


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Jun 7, 2006
Got to side swith the casino here ... if we wnat them to stick to T & Cs then the players should.

To be from israel and to not check the terms? Do you always do this? Sorry, just seems bizarre.

If this is allowed, we all might as well play roullette everywhere and then ask for half the winnings as a "compromise".


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Sep 30, 2006
Costa Rica
I 100%

agree with the casino here , if you are playing from a country like Israel which is bonus banned from many casino groups you should proceed with caution and scrutnize every single term and condition.. Ive worked in online casinos for about 6 years now and player save yourself the hassle take 10 MINUTES thats all 10 freaking minutes and avoid a frustration of thousands of $$.

I do not agree you should PAB they have always paid me on time and I dont believe you NOT reading the T & Cs counts as grounds to PAB .. lesson learned
move on..

this pisses me off
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