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Jan 11, 2022

Currently I am having problems with Apparently they are not treating players how’s explained in promotion and bonus section.

One of the promotions that website is having is Monday Cash Back bonus up to 25%

Which I received few times, but recently it’s not happening like before

One week I will bet 5k and won’t get anything in return from promotion, then next week I will bet 500 and get some Cashback, then next week again some money and nothing in return which I think it’s not fair

Terms and conditions are not saying at any point that some players will be excluded from promotion

When I contacted them they said to me that all players are entering the promotion but not to all users will get Cashback, literally with these words

I think this is completely unfair from their side and I don’t see why they are giving me Cashback one week and then next week nothing
What do you play there as they are mainly focussed at sportsbook, at least thats their cashcow. Can it be that when you bet 5000 you won and when you bet 500 you lost? It is called "cash back bonus" in the end :)
Mixing, a bit of sport book and a bit of live casino.

Look let me try to explain. So one week I won 10k, then next week I didn’t received nothing as I have won money in the week before, then on that week when I didn’t received cash back I spent around 5k without winnings, so even next week I didn’t received cash back and then I lost 500 in one week again without winnings and then on Monday I received 140, and then again I spent 220 in incoming week and again nothing from Cashback, so that’s why everything is strange to me

I mean I understand if I have wining not to receive, but we I don’t receive without winnings doesn’t make any sense to me

These are just the few examples, there were a lot of more

For online casino I think it’s set up, that they are playing replays of streams, like seeing the blonde girl in spin that I played and then in the next spin I am seeing black girl sitting and spinning the roulette

Or playing greyhounds and seeing exactly the same two races coming one after other
Ok, bottomline: I think they are waiting for you to bring back the 10k properly before cashbaack is applicable again. If there are no clear terms, better to ask them to apply this so its clear for all players. As its a bonus it falls under generic bonus terms, and im 100% sure there is a mention that they can decide to not credit the bonus if they feel like.

Btw, any chance you are from serbia and residing in Malta? I might be able to help you to connect to one of their managers in order to clear the air.

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