They piss me off, always sending me junk mail via postal service mail. Paper spammers.
I do know that they are among probably the top five sports books on the internet.

Additionally, I know of several people who have cashed-out as much as five figures with no delay and no excuses. Have a good one.

And they're powered by GSS. So if you have a problem, you are double or tripled screwed.

There are many better places to patronize than these guys.
I want to play at sands of the carribbean but they cannot find my username. lol how's that for a casino. It was Ace but I had to change it and they cannot find it.
Just an update to this thread, when admin made this post a couple of weeks ago, he was still a bit miffed about the spam experience he had last year. He was truly miffed over the Sportsbook's attitude concerning spam, but it has been brought to my attention that they are under new management so it would be unfair to carry this grudge. I no longer believe they have a "shitty attitude".

After perusing the Prescription's message board, there doesn't seem to be too many complaints about this sportsbook. I will have to agree that since they have a relatively high profile, any problems that players may have should be readily solved. That's my take on things.
Bryan, I have a new nomination for the "evil spammers" list: globalcasinofactory. I have "unsubscribed" from their list a half dozen times to no effect. I don't know who they are because their webpage seems devoted exclusively to the phony unsubscribe page, and they offer no other contact info. So far they've sent me ads for carnivalcasino, goldenriveracasino, challengecasino, aztecrichescasino, prismcasino, and palaceofchance.

Anyone know who these evil spammers are?

I second that motion, they are pestering me as well.

Remember, NEVER unsubscribe to spam mail! It only confirms that it was read and makes your address even more valuable to spammers. In the end it will get you even more spam. Just hit delete.

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