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Mar 9, 2006
I recently wanted to try something new. And I had actually chimed in on a post about winning at bodogs. The first time I deposited 45 cashed out 800. I did very well. Well ever since I played there again I have not won anything. Never more than 20 bucks at a time. I was wondering did anyone else have this kind of luck there? I remeber in the post a lot of you had just signed up and won on your first time. Did any of you win anything big again? I mean like I always say I know it comes down to luck. But I bet 2..1 dollars on all the video slots and don't win anything. It seems like you can't win more than 50 at a time then it stops hitting anything. This is just my 2 cents I am sure it all boils down to luck. But also I had to ask them FOUR different times to opt me out of bonuses. I would have it confirmed that they would opt me out and then bam they added money to my account while I was playing. And then when I asked them about that I never even got a reply. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem? I think I will just stick to MG casinos lol.
Up until recently I too have been on the slow train to poorville at this one as well. I like the games and the instantcheck deposit system, but like you rma I just never get ahead. The other night I had deposited $50, and even hitting like crazy on the Aztec video slot never got much over a hundred dollar balance built up. It seems to be a losing pattern in general at all sites these days (see the thread LOSING AT ALL SITES). Doesn't even seem to matter what the software is, just LOSE LOSE LOSE. That's why I am on hiatus until we find out more about the state of gaming legality here in the USA. Something really seems fishy, and no casino reps have come on board to even touch this "LOSING" streak issue. I guess maybe they assume that by now we've all heard the "sorry about your bad LUCK" line too many times from them all.

Honestly though, I don't know what is going on right now with the games.
Sorry to take up page space, but I forgot to ask; Can anyone out there vouch for their integrity. I played them a few times, but as you can tell from the previous post, never got close to withdrawing anything. All info appreciated.
Thanks for the reply. Yes I to have been on a big losing streak. I might have to take a break from it all. But I still think its my luck. But I noticed that at least 4 people had deposited at bodog for their first time. And cashed out awesome amounts. I was just wondreing if they ever won anything big again. I just find it funny that the first time I played it was hitting like crazy. And then I have depostied at least 5 more times and hit nothing. Money did not last long. I was just curious to see if anyone else had this situation. Thanks again for the reply.
It's the luck of the draw and pure coincidence that you win on the first time playing there, or anywhere for that matter. You just take notice of it more because of all the other times you don't win on the first deposit.
pacers31 said:
Sorry to take up page space, but I forgot to ask; Can anyone out there vouch for their integrity. I played them a few times, but as you can tell from the previous post, never got close to withdrawing anything. All info appreciated.

Bodog is solid. You dont have any worries getting paid by them. (Now winning their money may be a different story ;) )
Bodog is one of the sanest and most reliable online casinos I've played at so far. Doesn't seem to me like they're trying to screw their customers with hidden T&Cs, bonus restrictions, etc. I won't say they're perfect, I'm sure some players have had problems with them--but they're better than the majority.

I've cashed out twice so far, wins from Pontoon and video poker. No problems at all. The one question I asked via email was answered within 15 minutes.
Bodog does not have to tamper with the software and which is powered by RTG. The owner of this outfit is a billionaire because he doesnt have to pay any taxes on his gains and the sheer number of players at both the sportsbooks and casinos contribute to his profits. Read more about this at
Thanks all for the low down on Bodog. They seem on the up and up, and it is good to hear that my impression seems to be shared. Now to find a way to win something there. Anyone find they have better luck at particular RTG games? I mostly play low stake slots and joker poker. Any suggestions????
dont sweat it. its just a bad streak. go into any land based casino and ask a hundred slot players how they're doin and you'll get the same response..."about even". they're not telling the truth. the same holds true for online casinos. if we had a deposit forum on here, and people told the truth about what they put in as opposed to put out, you'd be shocked. again, dont sweat it. just have fun. peace.
Sweet! That gives me more confidence in them soflat. The trouble I have with them is that I can never get much ahead in any session. Once I start to play again, maybe the luck will change.

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