Bitstarz dont give my money back.


Apr 29, 2024
Hessisch oldendorf
This is my first post so sorry if i made something wrongšŸ˜
I would give some small warning about Bitstarz casino.
2 weeks ago i made deposit vith my Visa card. Money gone from my card but dont go to Bitstarz account.
And from 13 days Bitstarz make investigation and dont give my money back. I sent 2 times bank statement and support only say like a robot thank you for your patience. Firstly i heard it will take 3 to 5 days. After 5 days - up to 7 days and now i hear that they dont know how long does it take...
So if you want deposit huge ammount to Bitstarz better think twice.
Hello @idzide ,

Please contact the Bitstarz rep ASAP. They are @BitStarz and you'll want to send them a Private Message. They are one of the most active reps on our forums and I've found them to be 100% reliable. Please do contact them ASAP and I'm sure your issue will be settled promptly.

Max Drayman
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