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Mar 4, 2014
Hi Meisters,
I hope there is someone who can help me out (and tons of other players)
Bitdice has always been a good casino but since a month of 2 the issues started, heavy delayed withdrawals and absolutely no support too find, the guy called "mysterio" on chat, is the only one working there and also is the person who processes withdrawals, but he is nowhere too find, also since 3 weeks the slots are completely down (see screenshot) i still have 4 pending withdrawals, requested on 3th of January now 22 days later nothing has been processed and there is absolutely no contact too get. There are tons and tons of players on the bitdice who aren't receiving there withdrawals, i hope you guys from casinomeister can do something for me/us!;-) or maybe there is a Softswiss rep who knows more? And also can tell me what the error code means when opening a slot.
Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hey @nelsnik indeed something weird is going on - our representative left a while ago (haven't heard about any replacement yet) and now the page of their affiliate program is not opening up.

I'll contact the emails displayed in casino help section and get back to you if I find out anything!
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Hey @LadyJelena thankyou very much for the help! I and many other people hope that bitdice/mysterio finally can give us an statement or any information about what's going on, the site is now just abandoned. I'll hope for the best!;-)
Still no sign of @Mike_BitDice and nobody from them site is still abandoned and players chat has been removed, c'mon Mike show urself u are holding too much withdrawals from tons of players tell us whats going on!!

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