Bitdice delayed withdrawal


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Mar 4, 2014
Hello Guys,
I'm playing for a while on bitdice it always went good never experienced any delays with processing of withdrawals, sadly now i have a pending withdrawal which i made on 15th of December that's not being processed, there maximum time for processing withdrawals is 72hrs we are now 13 days later and still nothing has been processed, i wrote many emails, many messages on livechat and there on-site chat, they replied 2 times and told me would be processed soon this is already 5 days ago and nothing happend, i do hope there is a rep who can help me out and make sure it get processed, here is the info about the withdrawal;

Hey nelisnik,​

We've got your withdrawal request!

Amount2.80261235 LTC
Time2022-12-15 13:55:36 Etc/UTC

I really hope someone from bitdice can help me out trough this way.
Many thanks and the best wishes in advance for 2023!

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