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Mar 25, 2006
Yup, I've got one coming up and was wondering which casinos give out Birthday bonuses and if the do it on your b-day or around your b-day.
I just had a b day I didnt get ANY bonus from the few I play, Bodog, Inetbet, Intercasino (got a bday message from intercasino). Vip Lounge casino says they give out $100 free for their players b day but I wont deposit until reports of how they play come in.
Happy B day(soon) and hope you get more info from the forum!:)

Actually "darkpixie", I was slightly disappointed perturbed with what I was given my last birthday.

Aside from 32red, all MG casinos either gave me nothing, or they gave me reasonably low bonus offers that were far from attractive.

A bunch of PlayTechs threw anywhere from $5 bonuses up to $50 bonuses my way. But... a portion of those casinos, I've only played at once (generally 2-4 years ago) or not at all. I also used to deposit the bulk of my money into large handfuls of PlayTech casinos, although I quit going to those operations almost 2-years ago. The best bonuses I had received from various PlayTech casinos were...

  • $20 - Royal Dice
    [*]$15 - Club Dice
    [*]$15 - Casino Las Vegas
    [*]$40 - Monaco Gold
    [*]$10 - New York Casino
    [*]$15 - Carnival Casino

    [*]$10 - Flamingo
    [*] $5 - Swiss Casino
    [*]$10 - Brandy Casino

I didn't receive anything from any Cryptos, nor did I receive anything from any RTG operation.

The bulk (65%) of my deposits in '05 and in '06, have gone to MG operations, 20% have gone into Cryptos, 10% have gone into RTG casinos, and the remainder into PlayTech (namely bet365, KIWI, MainStreet Group) or one of the smaller software provider operations.

To answer another question you had, most of these bonuses were credited to me either prior, although generally after my birthday. :)


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Pharaohs casino has been wonderful, dropping anywhere from $100-$200 with 5x WR play into my account last few months out of the blue (for no reason) and have withdrawn $900+ from these thank you "tokens".

Surpised me again this week with some funds and made another withdrawal without any problem. Great Casino! Just posted a winners screenshot of dolphin bonus round from Pharaohs! :thumbsup:

Heres wishing everyone a BIG surprise on their Birthday!
My birthday was a couple of days ago, and the bonuses were mighty slim this year.
$10 from Lasseters (where I play regularly), $10 from Windows (deposited I think once years ago), and $5 from Acropolis.
The bulk of my gambling dollars this year went to iNetBet, Bodog, 32Red...not a dime or even an e-card...and Lasseters. On my birthday I was pretty ticked off, especially at iNetBet.
But then, 2 days go by and I'm more philosophical...there's no rule that casinos HAVE to give birthday bonuses to loyal customers, and I'm going to continue to patronize those casinos anyway.
Emily(inetbet) PM'd me too. Its was hard when others mention their bday bonuses when I didnt get one, kind of made me feel like I was a sub customer although I suspect in this case it wasnt intentional.
Thank you Emily for the belated gift, it was appreciated! What I appreciate most however, is that you take the time to monitor these forums.Taking advantage of a public forum to monitor customer reaction to your Casino and to improve it's reputation not only demonstrates good management but it reflects a commitment to your customers and their concerns. That, in the end, will result in a happy bank of customers!:thumbsup:
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Well so far nada except two happy birthday get lucky standard plays at
Birthday is tomorrow though so here is hoping!
And I hope I see something from InetBet, I've deposited close to $500 there and never hit anything worth writing home about.
Same goes with 32red, I haven't even hit bonus spins there so I am sooo curious as to how others seem to win there regularily.
Happy pre and post Birthday to all! Mine is this Wednesday. So far I have only received an entry into a sweepstakes at AcesHigh Casino. I haven't played there in years but I do play at The Gaming Club which i think is part of that group. I have gambled sooo much money in the last 8 months at Platinum Play, Gaming club, Grand Bay, Roxy Palace , Vegas splendido and alot more. I will be very surprised if I don't get anything. But I'm not going to hold my breath!:rolleyes:
So far I have gotten a bunch of emails that of the ilk, 100% match on my deposits.
And deposit $20 we'll give you $10
So far no freebies I am afraid.

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