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From what I see and hear there are a fair few players who actually prefer, or at least have no problem with, using crypto. Personally I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole but I'm hardly the Prophet Of Modernity. To each their own but the bottom line is that many casinos use it, many players are happy using it, and there's enough money flowing through those channels that a good many people take it seriously. YMMV.

What's the purpose of the "new" Curaçao? Twofold I would think: firstly, bring Curaçao into some semblance of the 21st Century; secondly, appease the lawmakers with pokey sticks back in the Netherlands.

Why move to some other "ropier" jurisdiction? A: you're assuming all others are "ropier" which is a pretty sweeping assumption. Maybe others can step up. We've certainly seen cesspit jurisdictions improve themselves in the past, what better opportunity for one of them to do so now? And B: maybe they're not all "ropy" to begin with. Just because they don't fly your flag of choice doesn't make them bad.

These are early days, I strongly recommend we evaluate these things based on evidence and the actions of the parties involved.

- Max
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A minor, interesting update. Curacao Gov is "counting" on 40 million guilders (around $22 million) from the new online gambling licenses. Curacao's Paradise FM
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Minister Silvania is counting on 40 million guilders in revenues from online casinos. This is evident from the draft budget. The amount comes from the permits issued under the new National Ordinance on Gaming. The Cft recently issued advice and is of the opinion that this expectation should be adjusted. This has to do with the fact that the law has still not been introduced. It appears that the minister is counting on more than 200 online gambling companies that will receive a Curaçao license. It is not clear how many online casinos this will result in. The amount of 40 million guilders can be achieved with just over 400 license holders, each with a domain name, but also with 200 license holders who each register 200 domain names.

The actual laws do not appear yet finalized, so there may well be changes in what's been reported thus far.

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