Better to WIN or better to WIN it all back?

Is it better to end up ahead or to win it all back?

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Jan 16, 2012
Before you rush to answer the obvious answer.. Imagine. For a moment the scene...

You have £100 waiting on withdrawal. The feeling of happiness fills your face, but deep down you know that withdrawal will never quite cover the cost of the deposits you made. You worked so damn hard to drive your way up to that £100 yesterday, battling through missed bonuses and sparse features only to catch a grand £70 hit at the brink of despair. But today. Today is a new day.

You have already reached your maximum deposit limit for the week, how else will I play today? Wait. Last time I did this I lost the lot, I should take the £100 and just deposit £10 at another Casino today. I should. I really should.

But whats the worst that could happen? I can cancel it, play through £20 at the most and then set the withdrawal again if its not going well, right? Right.

Ultimately I decide to click the CANCEL button and take back the winnings I battled so hard for in the belief that a bigger war still exists for me today. Sitting for a few minutes browsing through the slot machine thumbnails like a giant catalogue of the greatest toys mankind has ever invented, I make my choice. I click down on my mouse and feel the lull whilst my Internet slowly loads my game, the percentage bar acting like a filter to my excitement, filling up like a shot of adrenaline entering by bloodstream.

The game loads and an intense saturation of images and colors covers my screen. I stop for a moment and explore the view. Preparing myself for an evening of excitement and wonder. I set my bet counter to 3x the minimum bet. Lets take it on and catch that bonus early, I feel it. I know it's coming!

I click away, with dead spin after dead spin, getting ever more frustrated with myself. Ok, ok, I reached the £80 limit. I should stop. Set the withdrawal again, and take the £80, this is what I said we would do... This is what I should do.

But.. The bonus symbols just started dropping, I just know its about to come, I will just play to £70 and then I will withdraw for sure...

What is happening!? I had £100 just a few moment ago, Now I am down to £50. Ok. screw it, its time to play my favourite slot and win it all back in style!

Spin, after spin, after spin of empty promises, my balance dripping away like a tap with a slow leak. My hopes to get back up now seem just a dream. I start to work out how to get more cash in my head. That casino had that 100% deposit bonus, but I also had that awesome tournament over on that other casino. I am under £10 and I know this balance is as good as already gone.

Down to just £5.70 I decide to switch Slots, my efforts at this point already diverted towards the next deposit bonus I can claim, £5.50, £5.30. I watch the last of my fun wash away into the distance.

All of a sudden the slot bursts into life, one reel wild. Typical... Oh wait.. Then 2, then, 3 and then 4! Wait a minute this is a 243 way machine! THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE! The reels stop slowly with a bump that seems to last forever and a balance of £102 flashes up on my screen. My heart beating, my mouth hanging open in disbelief. I look around for a moment and then begin parading around the room in mass hysteria as I realise my losses have arrived back to me!

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Jun 13, 2015
I really enjoyed your story with a happy ending :) and it is so true lol

Sometimes I am more strict on myself and withdraw thinking I can't win anymore and other times I do exactly the same just $10 more and another $10 but I mostly lose that way.


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Aug 25, 2004
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A very typical slots roller-coaster story there - and extremely well told! :thumbsup:

The answer to your poll question is dependant on other factors: As you said you had already reached your budget limit, I voted to cash it all out the first time you got ahead.
Although I can imagine the feeling of great relief when you won it back, combined with getting an EXTREMELY rare 4 reel shit-storm was probably MUCH more exciting than the original win - so my choice was one of head over heart.

Well done!
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May 22, 2012
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For those wondering, that shitstorm would have paid 283.50.:lolup:

Had the wilds been on the FIRST 4 reels like mine were, you would have had another 81 x 4 wilds on top, thus getting 324 winning ways.

Bizarre but that's how the feature works.:eek:


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Aug 29, 2012
Of course you play on! Builing up small deposits to a workable bankrolls is hard enough at the best of times!

Even with a budget and several micro-deposits, a hundred quid withdrawal is not worth the time. You spent all that time and drama getting to something worthwhile to have a real go with :machinegu

If you're going to maintain an ultra-cautious playing style you'd never enjoy the thrill and certainly never win anything. I say better to have lost £20+ and have a bash than make puny withdrawals. Otherwise you might as well not gamble and stick the money in your savings account!


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May 13, 2014
That's 2 x 4-Reel shit storms posted in the last week, maybe they finally 'fixed' it in a good way :p

Quick everyone, over to TS II, run, now, run.....

Good read OP :thumbsup: