Betfred, all funds have been frozen


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Jun 2, 2023
Hi there

I really need some advice if possible regarding Betfred.

They have closed my account and voided £14000 in withdrawals due to a PayPal chargeback I was unaware and now realised it made in error due to the name difference I did not recognise.Charge back was £50

They had already provided me of £6,800 in withdrawals before this.

Please advise as this was an honest mistake.

I have now contacted PayPal and cancelled the case due to now knowing that they go by Petre and not Betfred on transactions

I was also advised by the live chat that all funds have been retained and frozen until a ruling has been made in relation to the dispute (which has now been cancelled via PayPal)

You say "all funds have been retained and frozen until a ruling has been made in relation to the dispute". This is Betfred looking into your case, yes? Just curious but why not wait to hear what they say? In my experience it's not likely that anything you say or do _while_ they are deliberating on your case will have much effect.

- Max
A painful reminder that a ten second search for Petfre would have answered your question -
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. Chargebacks should always be the last resort because of their severe repercussions.

Anyway - if the ruling hasn't been made yet, that would infer your account has been suspended rather than closed:

10.3. What happens if we suspend or restrict your account for any of the above reasons? Whilst we investigate the circumstances of your suspension, you will not be able to use your account or withdraw any balance. If you need details of your historic gambling transactions during this period, please contact our customer services team with your request and they will be able to assist you.

While section 10.2 doesn't explicitly mention chargebacks, it would be fair to suggest it would be covered under either part ci ("you may have acted or played our games or placed any bets with us in a fraudulent or illegal manner" - as they would consider any chargeback fraudulent) or the generic catch-all part j ("where we believe there is risk of harm to you or our business").

They do mention that they can ask you for more information - and given the circumstances if they do then that information should hopefully help your case.

You will have to hope that they understand it was an honest mistake rectified at the first opportunity - if they find in your favour then everything is good, if they find against you then section 10.5 states they can potentially void the lot.

Important to note that even if they take the latter decision - they do highlight their complaints procedure, which would be either stage three (case review manager) or stage four (internal escalation, the "8 weeks" one) - and then stage five is ADR, which is IBAS.
Thank you for your replies of advice! I have gone through the complaints process with them and they have said it is on stage 3.

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