Withdrawn: Betchan : defaulting on bonuses and payments due


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Jan 20, 2004
This Warning is under review (see below), click the Spoiler button if you want to see the original Warning which may no longer be relevant:
A while ago a player came to us to report that the casino (betchan.com) was not honouring their multi-deposit bonus commitments. On further investigation it turned out that the casino was giving the player run-around on KYC documents -- including saying "all good" more than once and then changing their minds and asking for documents to be resent and/or asking for something different, claiming multiple accounts and, in the end, simply not paying player winnings.

We tried several times to get the casino to respond to the player's issue but they never replied.

WARNING: Betchan appears to have gone to the dark side: failing to honour bonus offers, stall tactics on KYC, inexplicable problems with documents, account violations suddenly being used as justification for simply not paying winnings due. When approached the casino has ignored player's complaints. Players are advised to avoid this casino.

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While our communications with the casino have, to date, been piss poor (thus justifying the bulk of the Warning) they have since contacted us to explain themselves and the case that precipitated the Warning. That discussion continues.

In the event that there is sufficient evidence to revisit our conclusions I'll put the Warning under review and we'll watch the situation for two or three months to ensure nothing further presents itself.

LATER: evidence confirmed, Warning now under review.
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