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Bitch and Moan Antillephone N.V.licensed casino's

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by Skephan, Dec 22, 2016.

    Dec 22, 2016
  1. Skephan

    Skephan Newbie member PABnononaccred2 PABnononaccred PABaccred

    Hi all,

    I had several issues with and Betchan and their licenseholder Antillephone N.V. adn a minor remark about Play Casino.
    If there are any representatives please respond.

    Loss,wagering, deposits limits, self-exclusion and other responsible gambling measures will not be taken seriously by support, licenseholder and their company !
    They will delete it directly by request without hesitation or questioning even if their site states a minimum of 24 hours or 7 days they will not take it into consideration. It happened on a few occasions. Therefore any responsible gambling measures are useless and potentially dangerous for clientele.

    I asked for a refund of my losses cause my losslimit was disabled at Betchan directly likewise my self exclution.
    They simply stated that ''you requested it and stated a software glitch'' Because I accidentally asked if ''there was a software glitch'' cause I thought my limits were already lifted. Their support also mentioned ''glitches do not exist in our software'' so I thought again why use it against me ??

    (24 hours minimum stated on their sites for selfexclusion and 7 days for any kind of limits)
    Play Casino selfexclusion disabled directly by asking,
    Betchan loss and selfexclusion disabled directly by asking

    Play Casino's service was good at the end , my overall experience was good with them except not honouring their 24 hour minimum of self-exclusion. They also have Responsible gaming links which work.

    I noticed at Betchan their responsible gaming watermark doesn't have a link or a known organisation behind it.

    The I send 3 emails to licenseholder they didn't say a word about the selfexclusions and the other answer was but you ''requested it''
    They quit replying to my 3rd and 4th email even though I stayed polite.

    Does anyone have experience, can help me ?

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  2. Dec 22, 2016
  3. lord flashheart

    lord flashheart Experienced Member

    Lab technician
  4. Dec 22, 2016
  5. interlog

    interlog Meister Member MM webmeister

    Whilst casinos should do all that they can to stop problem gamblers making bets (and that doesn't include cancelling any self exclusion willy nilly) I am wondering whether this topic would have been made if there were no losses.

    OP - you should also take responsibility for your own actions. Write the losses off, seek help and stop gambling.
  6. Dec 22, 2016
  7. Skephan

    Skephan Newbie member PABnononaccred2 PABnononaccred PABaccred


    Hi interlog,

    I make self-exclusions after big wins. I do know the dangers ect. I took 2 weeks of communication before posting it anywhere online in order to solve it accordingly. :oops: The point is everything what is written about RGambling on their site is broken by them. They also have to take responsibility for their actions and just write it off with ''you played'' I mean they opened it before the end date and against their own stated terms.
    Also this is the first casino where I had this problem.

    I mean they must do it daily with dozens maybe hunderds of players disabeling limits and confiscating winnings. :(

    That is not fair gaming in my opinion,

  8. Dec 22, 2016
  9. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    Yes, but in fairness these are shithouse operations and the worst thing a player can do is intimate to operations like theirs they have a problem. That's a red rag to the bull and they will rub their hands in glee knowing the person they have wrongly removed RG settings from will likely go on tilt with them.

    Fact remains if he had played at a proper casino licensed in UK/Malta etc. instead of by a fat bloke in a semen-stained tropical suit with cigar ash down the front sitting in a tin shack in the jungle, he'd have not lost this money. :(
  10. Dec 24, 2016
  11. Skephan

    Skephan Newbie member PABnononaccred2 PABnononaccred PABaccred

    More explanation

    Hi all!,

    Maybe some of you think I whine a bit but this never occured with me after playing at other casino's (20+):oops:

    This further message is solely to clarify and in order to protect the casinomeister members that Betchan and probably all Antillephone N.V. licensed casino's operate the same way. Maybe they act accordingly in some cases but I had a few red flags along the way.

    Even Antillephone N.V. states support acts accordingly after I send them an email about losslimit disablement of Antillephone N.V.licensed casino's
    Their reply was as follows and after that they stopped being of service.

    This is their response on disabeling limit loss and account opening directly note directly:eek:

    We understand your regret. However, the information and your explanations are congruent with the actions taken. Your below added information does not change the fact that you asked the limit to be released and confirmed that YOU never requested this and that it must have been a “software error”.

    Therefore our ruling stands and the operator has not violated any of its terms or abused same.''

    Yet ''software glitch''

    I also asked Betchan about their bonus before playing about; ''the wagering requirements, when to withdraw, if your real money is depleted first or only the bonus money triggerd wins are bonus or the combination of bonusmoney and real money result in bonusmoney total wich needs to be wagered''

    Support stated just wager it and offcourse you can withdraw it after a 5 min talk with LS. After fullfilling the wagerrequirements my winnings of 1200+ were confiscated within an hour due to max bet rule.

    I asked why support didn't explain me that part of the bonus and they said:''but sir you didn't ask us that'' offcourse it's the players part of reading the T&Cs but confiscating it with a max bet of 6.5 ok ''my fault'' I thought

    Note they didn't reinstate the bonus only my deposit to give me another chance!

    When I had some winnings to withdraw it took 9/10 days and it was pending almost that entire time.


    I asked when my new losslimit was activated and for how long. Support asked ''so you want me to disable it'' and they did before the 7 days minimum.
    Also opened my selfexcluded account afterwards directly even after I complained about not honouring the loss limit.

    Antillephone N.V. stands by their Betchan support's decisions and don't answer my questions.

    I want to end this with the philosophy of Betchan

    ''Nowadays there are a great number of online-casinos for players to choose from. Every single one of them claims to have certain exclusive features and to be able to give their players a unique gaming experience. Here at Betchan we are not going to waste our time or yours by saying the same words you might have already heard numerous times.'':D

    They certainly followed this last sentence by not replying a customer who deposited several times.

    If they will change their mind I will let you guys know but for now It's enough.

    I wish you all the best days and I want to thank the members of Casinomeister for their replies and thoughts and for the help I received in private messages :thumbsup:

    Gr Skephan

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  12. Apr 6, 2017
  13. JordanBP

    JordanBP Dormant account

    What do you think about these terms & conditions they seem to have added rather recently in their terms?

    On another site a player mentioned that Betchan kept sending reload bonuses to the player, and confiscated all the winnings once he won based on the bonus ratio rule.

    This could also mean that if you win on your first deposit bonuses or reloads, they can confiscate your winnings. Is that fair?
  14. Apr 7, 2017
  15. Skephan

    Skephan Newbie member PABnononaccred2 PABnononaccred PABaccred

    Does it seem fair to you ?! I stopped playing after my cashout, deposited with no bonus and it took them ages.

    This ''casino'' is runned with ridiculous management. They pay people (or have bots) to write good reviews about them. Go check yourself after every bad review suddenly their is a customer who rates them 9/10 10/10. Bogus
    I was reasonable with these guys and emailed back and forth in a civilized manner about the ; forfeiting, currency changes, not paying out, not respecting set limits, they even readjusted my gaming history to their liking in order not the break their rules like deleted gambling limits.

    NV has also a few casino's who quitted with very bad ratings...

    AVOID It's already in the WARNING list !

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