best casino???


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Quite new at this? Just wanted to ask:

*which casino do you like the best?
* Which casino and software have u cashed out the most
* what is your favourite slot and where?


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For me at the moment I like Sloto

I have had bigger cashouts at MG software, but that was before the S$%t hit the fan for us in the US - Since than I have had only small cashouts at Rival software.

My fav. slot is Scary Rich - I'm kinda addicted to it. :)


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Welcome to the forum Marie! :thumbsup:

The casino I like the best (now) is Ladbrokes. (Previously it was Will Hills & Intercasino).

I've cashed out most from (by far!) Ladbrokes, and the software I've cashed out most from is Microgaming.

Best slot? Now that is a REALLY tough question! :eek2:
So hard to chose just 1, so here's a few of mine:-
Tomb Riader - Secret of the Sword (MG) - possibly the best graphics & sound of any slot on the net...?
Baby Boomers (Rival) - only came out recently, but I love it!
Eureka (GV) - just bonkers! (And great sound effects too!)
Bejeweled (Crypto) - I have to play it every month.

What are your answers to your own questions? Or are you still deciding?



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Everyone's favorite slot (at least for non-US players) will be launched in three weeks :D
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/merciless plug


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another low-variant slot, and 30 linner, :D not my type...
Why it is not high variant 9 linner with 10000 jackpot.


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I'm a boring Slot lover online lol
I like only the 3 real slots at all the Rival Casinos
like MilkThe Cash Cow & Gold Rush.:thumbsup:
But they do have other one's also Sevens and Bars,Chicken Little,Big Cash Win,Fantastic Fruit,Surf Paradise,Flea Market,
Whatever one you may pick I like to wish you all the best of luck to ya.
Tom B-T

I like to also wish you a great welcome here at CM's forum.


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Hi Marie!!!

Im glad you joined the forum. My favorite games are from RTG, for some reason I just love the Bee lol. He has such a cute lil fathead. My other favoirte is Industria because thats where most of my cashouts have been

I have only been playing 3d lately (as you know) but this new rtg has my interest peeked (aladdins) so I might try that.


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Similar to KK

Ladbrokes - 100% trustworthy, fast payouts but dozy on customer service sometimes.

TR secret of the sword , infuriating most of the time but somehow I cant
resist going back to it. A while ago I would have said Osbournes and Hitman before they buggered them up.
Dueces wild level up is not bad, not a fan of poker games but I have had some nice returns on low stakes including 4 dueces on the top line on 40p
total stake which paid a very nice 200.