Just one more spin pleez!
Sep 20, 2005
Left Hungary
Does anyone actually play this game in the casinos for real?:confused:

I have been playing it on play money for a long time (since the inception of it) and never, have I hit anything, other than 4 blue diamonds best hit and that comes around every 99+ spins (got it on max auto).:eek:

This is one game I would NEVER play for real after all these months of playing it for play, until they make a few adjustments to it. I have notice even when you win, you actually lose. The average wins are $3-8 dollars on a $10 spin. Awful returns...great game idea, but thats all it was, an Idea...awful setup for a casino game.:eek: :eek:

Just my thoughts...:rolleyes:
I'm playing it for the slotjunkies comp this month, and it's addictive as hell!!!

Watching those three blue diamonds line up is sweet... Living for the day the five bejewelled's fall prettily next to each other on a winline :D
I play it for real $...
4 blues is pretty good - I've only seen that about 3 times.
It's pretty much the same as any other slot - you have good runs & crap runs.
I've had some pretty good results, but also been killed stone dead.
The worst thing about it, as Slotster said, is it's incredibly addictive - more so than any other slot I've ever played!
It really is hard to stop playing - whether you're up or down.
Before you play for real, set yourself a maximum loss at which point you will stop.
...I bet you can't do it! :what:
i recieved a 10 dollar promo from intercasino to try the new slots, i played bejeweled got it up to 60 and lost it on other games, yes it is addicting and even just 3 blue diamonds pay amazing.
I agree it is addicting. I think it gives out alot of medium payouts because there are very few high payouts likely. I am like KK, had some good runs and then killer bad runs like other games.

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