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Aug 25, 2001
it wasn"t bad enough you threw me (gramsey) out of aib now you locked my daughter JANISD out because she is associated with me .. we do not live in the same house or use the same computer or credit cards or have the same last name.. could it be because she won the $1,000 drawingthis is a copy of the letter sent to her when she tried to get in casino to playTo:

Hi Janis,

Unfortunately your account has been locked out, due to the association with
other accounts on your system being locked.

Atlantic Interbet Support.
AIB.. i played as a guest on my daughters computer maybe twice a year ago when i was baby sitting at her house. This is a hell of a way to do business with people after 3 years of being in your DUMP! JUST send me my 5 withdrawals i am waiting since JUNE 29th you owe me $1800.00 I would never ever play in your casino under any NAME because you are miserable people
this is the response from aib when i asked why did they lock my daughter out of the casino and I asked why didnt i get a check since June 29 withdrawal this is only Sept.6th now they tell me 30 more days till i get a check toltal its a 90 day wait i wonder if atlanticinterbet would wait 90 days for money from me!! thats if i get it . Date: 9/6/01 11:08:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Support)


I understand your frustration, however, when the accounts are locked it
does in fact lock all accounts associated with that alias. We are unable
to change that sorry. Regarding your payments, they have all been sent to
the processor, 1 on 8/27/01 and 4 on 8/30/01. Your cheques should arrive
to you within 30 business days of these dates.

Atlantic Interbet Support.
Nina it takes 30 DAYS to process a check ???
Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me...Do you wait that long for your paycheck? Why dont all of you at AIB stop your lying and get your act together !

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