Anyone hit anything decent on Twisted Toy Tales?


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Aug 25, 2004
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So I've had quite a few short sessions on this since discovering it about a week ago.
It's a VERY interesting game - not many slots confuse and insult in equal measure you while you play!

Anyway, I FINALLY got the free-spins last night and thought "Here we go!"... but they were a damp squib and only paid something like 40x :mad:
I know it's just a pre-determined "scratchcard" game, like nearly all slots these days - but I was hoping for something better than that after taking nearly 400 spins to get the feature.

I also know I haven't played a lot of spins - so far only 413 in total - but my RTP is only 60% :eek2:

So before I decide whether it's worth having another try, I wanted to ask if anyone here has hit anything decent on it?
I haven't seen anything in Winner Screenshots...

Had some mixed results during the battle weekend, can't recall exactly but do know I hit over 100x a few times.

When it came to redeeming the actual rewards themselves, best as I remember I did manage a 160x bonus on minimum bet.

Again, relying on jaded memories but sure I saw a handful of 500x+ hits during the battle weekend but these were from other players not me.

IMO, you can get huge hits but rely on a few contributing factors, triggering the FS with the grid as large as possible, early sticky wilds and then the AI not appearing by the wilds and thus getting rid of them.

For a RAW slot, I don't actually think it is that bad a game.
Interesting game, may try it again sometime but seems hard to land free spins or win decent on it.
I've tried it several times since I started this thread - and you are 100% spot on. VERY hard to hit anything notable :mad:
I had the free spins just one more time - and they were crap... again.

And this is yet another one of those "slots" which is very obviously just another scratchcard with fancy graphics.
Easy to predict that 19 times out of 20, when you get several reels to expand by 3 or 4 spots, you STILL aren't even going to get a low-symbol 3-of-a-kind to keep it going... :(



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