Anyone have experiences with Blacklights casino?


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Jun 2, 2010
I just deposited $50 and they gave me a bonus of $300. Well I managed to play that and reached over $10K and now want to withdraw. They have a weekly withdraw limit of $2500 I was told. I had to email them all sorts of my documents and now awaiting to hear back from them.

Has anyone ever cashed out with them and received the money? I am holding my breath hoping they come through but still skeptical.



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Aug 25, 2004
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I can't say what your chances are - I've heard mixed reviews of this casino.

But what I REALLY want to know is HOW did you turn $300 into $10,000!!! :eek:
Please share your secret!

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Feb 17, 2010
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Made a deposit there and never even hit a bonus round... I am sure you will get your money..Just be persistant...What were you playing to do so well???


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Feb 3, 2011
Made a deposit there and never even hit a bonus round... I am sure you will get your money..Just be persistant...What were you playing to do so well???

I won a $16000 random jackpot on "naughty or nice" slots at coolcat casino..when i went to withdraw i got every excuse in the book ,and a complete runaround with all kinds of mind games,and tricks to avoid or deny my winnings.For 8 days they did things like reversing my $10000 withdrawl,saying that my faxed imfo was too white or hard to read..then they started sending me "block" form messages offering me coupons while i was playing.I started with a 300% no max cashout no playthrough..the casino put a extra $30 in there,and called that a free chip,but i dident ask for a freechip or did i redeem one,,but they used that to make up there own excuse not to pay.This win was turning into a total nightmare..i was feeling like i was bieng "ripped",and then i looked at the reviews on this casino and seen a pattern.This casino took my $10,000 dollars that i won,and i have been so hurt and pissed ,i dont think i will ever trust anyone on the net again.I played online casinos for over 10 years,and never had any real problems besides the slow proscessing .But this casino is downright awful.They do not pay there winners if they can find any way not to pay they will dely,stress,and use every trick at there disposal to stop you from winning.I strongly,and i mean strongly suggest any other casino besides coolcat.In my opinion they should be removed from the net.They are rooton as a rotton apple can get,and there hurting the industry as a whole.

This win was so bad that i am litarally afraid to play any online casino now.All my friends and family feel the same way.I won this on newyears eve 2010,and there were witnesses here when i won it.Everyone thinks that i won ,and that i should be paid.Instead im here writing all these posts,and still never got my money.I think there should be laws against this.I was violated.played,and used by this casino,and its group casino palace of chance.Trust me coolcat is far from cool .anad palace of chance is not a palace.How these casinos survive at all is beyond lawfull reasoning.


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Apr 14, 2004
@troops72 - Contact Marty Davis

He is supposedly some kind of affiliate manager who has been able to help get people who deposited at any of the Virtual Group of casinos get paid. Be nice. Be respectful. Tell him some friends sent you to him because he has been known to help others. State what happened but do it with respect. This guy is probably the only guy that can help you, hence why I'm telling you to be nice.

That said, you should have known better, esp. since you have been gambling online for so long. I feel for ya. Good luck!