Anyone done a Wire from Inetbet? Help.


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Feb 10, 2009
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Hiya. here is the responce from I netbet concerning my withdraw of $352. I had deposited by PayLine-Q. They can not send a check, "as was my first request". read this........

[QUOTEThis mail is in regards to your withdrawal.

We see that you have requested a wire transfer. Just recently the US government has had a major crack down on banking institutions in regards to online gaming.

The level of scrutiny under which the banks are looking at transactions via gaming operations has increased dramatically. In some cases they are intercepting these and confiscation the funds. I believe Wells Fargo are not allowing any gaming transactions. We thought we should let you know before we tried processing so as to give you a different option.

We would recommend that for your withdrawal you chose another option such as Quicktender or eWalletXpress. These are online wallets via which you can both deposit and withdraw funds at the casino. They can be used to keep all of your gaming funds in. Should you wish to withdraw funds to your bank account you can do some from the wallet. These processors are based in North America and so they are not under the same scrutiny as a gaming company.

We can have a Quicktender account opened for you within a few minutes. Please let us know if you would like us to do this for you.

I can not use either of those options. Has anyone here gotten a wire transfer from InetBet? Did it go thru, or were there issuses. Thanks for any imput.
huh didn't realize that iNetBet wouldn't send a check to someone in the americas. That was my only reason for playing there in the first place. I suppose I'll have to uninstall them until I get further notice that they'll provide an alternative to UseMyWallet or EWX.
Personally I really only see a few casinos surviving this whole UIGEA ordeal. Just because theres the ones who already have well established processors in america or in countries where they can send funds to us.
1) I can see BoDog surviving here because there checks come from within North America and can even be cashed at Wal-Mart
2) From my most recent experience at English Harbour I can see them surviving. Granted the processor wasn't in North America but was able to do a cash transfer. So it made that part fairly painless.
3) I know this place is so far black list here, but Grand Prive might even survive this. As there cheques come from canada and looked even like a pay roll check.

That's my experiences so far with any of the casinos thus far after the June 1st ordeal. I know this total derails the whole thread but hopefully gives you some options to play with in the future.
I have used wire transfer with Inetbet. It will show from *snip* ??? when it first shows as pending on my account. So far I have had no problem though I did notice it took 3 days to process this time. Usually by the time I get the email from Inet that it was sent it is already in my bank. Often less than 24 hours. Don't know why this one was longer, but I did get it. That was after July 1st. However, on another note, wells fargo is one of the stickiest banks, along with b of a. I bank at a small local bank, it is not a national bank. I have still been able to use my debit card to deposit. Don't know if or when this will change, but hoping for the best. I have found usemywallet to be the best for withdrawals if less than needed for a wire transfer. It also depends on which state you are in because internet gaming is banned in some states. So all I can say is good luck and be careful.
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Ty Maxd exactly what I want to avoid. I just wanted to let know that I have not had to hide anything. But that every bank is different, so she runs a risk, as I do, every time we make a withdrawal. And I do not really think it matters what method is used, because right now it seems to be a hodgepodge of financial institutions doing whatever they deem to be correct at that moment. LOL
Hiya: Well after many e mails, they said they would send a wire. This was on monday. As of yesterday, the money was still in the Banking area, 'Pending", and reversable..........

I did nothing.

This morning, the money is back in my playing balance? I just sent another e mail to ask why, and what happened? I have tried to take out the $354 since friday..........:(
hiya. Inetbet said that Wells fargo refused the wire transfer.....So, as they said as a last resort, i send in another authorisation form, my Philippines ID?drivers license, bills, ect, along with my brotherinlaw ID, and click to pay info. I then did a withdraw into his click to pay acct. So, we will see.

Otherwise, i just have to wait until i return to the philippines, and get a check sent there, or a wire into my PNB bank acct. banks in the philippines do not transfer money between different branches of banks. PNB to BPI as example.

The money will end up in my brotherinlaws click2pay acct in the end, no matter how it is done, or how long it takes. it will go from there, into Betvoyager, where i mainly play at.

hehehehe, this is so much fun..........................:rolleyes:
Hiya; Well, this is partly MY fault. Here i am telling others to read all the terms an conditions and the like at casinos. So, i see Pay Line Q, a new deposit option, and I net bet has it. But did i bother to go to I net bet banking section to see if Pay line Q was also a withdraw option? Nooooooooo.

To follow up a bit more. i went to live chat at Pay Line Q, explained the situation, to see what they would say. They said, after the money had been transfered to the merchant/casino, there is nothing they can do.

So, at I net bet, payline-Q is a one way service provider. if you see Pay Line-Q as a deposit option at your favoriate casino, check to see if it is also a withdraw option before using it to deposit with.

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