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Hi there,first of all,nice to meet all of u and,sorry for my poor english due to the fact that am italian :).
Now,i wish to know something about this casino(slotmadness) in wich i was playng and winning about 1700$.
After that i'd send all my documents required and be approved by their financial dept,i ask for a withdrawall.
They send me an email wich say that all was in order and that were processing my withdrawall.
After 3 days i was checking out inside the casino and,with my big surpirse the withdrwall was still pending.
Send the first email and they reply sayng that the withdrwall is under control due to a technical problem.
Afetr 4 days i'd send another email and no reply,contacting the chat rep,he told me that still technical problem are going on and they cannot say to me how long that will take.
Now,once that all of this is the first time that happen to me,it's over there somebody that can help me off with this matther?it can be possible having such a long trouble or technical problem on a online casino or should i forget my winning?
Sorry for the long message and i'll thank all of u for ur nice answer.


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Hi Giuseppec Welcome and all the best of luck to you.
And also I sent MilesSM (The Rep) this url on this thread.
Thx for ur warm welcome and all the best also for u too.
I've send trough ur link an email to this manager but...........still no answer.
Am a bit warry cause was a win about 1700$ and honestly i wouldnt miss :D


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Welcome giuseppec!
Absolutely do NOT forget about your money! Even if you won't miss it, letting them wrongfully keep the winnings will allow them to do this do other players and it is not right! Don't stop until you get your money even if you have to start a PAB! Good Luck!