About Fortune Room's Money Back Guarantee...


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Sep 7, 2005
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Quoting from Fortune Room's Website :

"100% Money Back Guarantee

Deposit between $20 - $50 using NETeller and win. If you don't win, your loss is refunded to you as cash - no questions asked, no hidden terms and conditions. "

Now, I find that a bit suspicious - I think I've come up with some complain threads regarding that casino, here at CasinoMeister.

Any thoughts about that, or any suggestions about avoiding it or not?
I've had a quick look through the T&C's and it does look like it's totally risk free!

This does seem highly suspicious & I think you should check with them by e-mail or live chat (so it's in black & white) before depositing.
Make sure you get the money back even if you don't complete the WR on the match bonus (which you HAVE to take to qualify for money back), and that there is absolutely no WR or other reason that you can't withdraw immediately the cash hits your account.
I would do this myself - but I don't have the time at the moment :(
I will be VERY interested if this is a genuine offer! :cool:
I believe that this is a 100% insurance but the insurance carries a WR, not positive though will have to check the t & c

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