A problem with VS and their Game Provider.


Lady Loser of House Losealot of The Lost Islands
Apr 5, 2016
Hi all,

I am wondering has anyone else experienced problems like mine. I've been onto the casinomeister live chat multiple times, sent a message to the rep here and have had emails back telling me there is nothing VS can do until Games Provider "fixes" the slot issue.
My annoyance is, there was no issue when was gobbling my money up ?!?

I was playing a new slot on Videoslots and hit the bonus. It was on 20k Under the Sea on November 3rd. Just after I won 629 and then got a fatal error on the bonus it crashed while telling me titanic win . The bonus hadn't fully finished, so I refreshed the slot and the bonus restarted , as it would on any other slot if a crash occured. . I repeated the bonus round 4times with the exact same outcome and have all of the screenshots of the win and the bonus repeating over and over to the same result. While I was restarting and trying on a private browser and such the Live Chat Rep was helping me sort it out and he couldn't have been more helpful or nicer about it. In the end when the slot would just not finish the bonus and credit mg account with the 629 win he said he would send it to tech and it could be 5days to 2weeks before I got it sorted as the games provider would have to get involved . As said, the games provider would have to get involved. And , OH DID IT. IT DID. By pulling the game down off the site. So what's going on? Why can't VS give me my win? I was playing €1 bets, the win is not impossible. I saw someone here winning a few grand on DOA for 9cent and that is credited?!

There were no glitches or lag during the game previous and now near the end 3 weeks later I still have not had any positive response or my account credited with the bonus I won fairly. I cannot understand the delay or the uncertainty and am also really disappointed in VS because in their last email via the rep here , they pretty much told me it wasn't their problem and the games provider had the last word? What? I don't understand why I havent had my win credited by Videoslots themselves ? Is my account with them or with the games provider they choose? Don't they have to run checks before games are launched ? I'm pretty bummed cos it would mean I'd have gotten my two teens their Christmas presents and have had to worry a little less about my upcoming medical bills in the new year. They also stated that the customer service rep had given me the wrong information by telling me it can take up to two weeks and that it could take any length of time . I just think this is so unprofessional of Videoslots. :( I like playing there and this has soured things immensely.

Am I just going to keep getting fobbed off by them ? What should I do? What would you do? Has this happened others and have you been dealt with this way? Have you been credited your win?
Casinos are always banging on about fair play and safe gambling lately and yet they seem to be able to move the goalposts when they feel like it ? Screenshot_20201103-083005_Chrome~2.jpgScreenshot_20201103-084440_Chrome~2.jpgIMG_20201103_090212~2.jpgPicsArt_11-14-01.50.35.jpg

screenies attached IMG_20201103_090212~2.jpg
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As far as I'm aware, and different providers might be different, but all the provider has to do is check the game log to see what the winnings were. Should take 5 minutes.
More concerning is why they pulled the game completely. That would indicate a problem with it affecting all players.
Maybe @Team.Videoslots could comment?
Yes when I went back into the site to go on to the live chat, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the game was gone from my last played list. Then I searched for it. Gone.
I told them I had even taken a video of the game bonus restarting on the 4th time over so I don't get why the delay in paying me what I won ? It was a clear issue/error with the bonus finishing up and crediting to the account. So seeing as they can see my play in the history of my account why can't they honour that I genuinely won the amount I did ?

Like I said too, I was betting at 1euro because I'd bumped mg balance on a previous slot and I got decided to try the newest games out. It's how I always play.

They promised me on numerous emails and messages that they would update me, they haven't bothered at all ... It's so disappointing from a respected online casino. I know a lot of us play there. I've seen some of you guys in tournaments :cheerleader:

@Casinomeister any idea where I go from here ?
@Team.Videoslots do you care about long time loyalty and fair play?

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply @colinsunderland I really do appreciate it. I thought a few others might chime in but I get it - I'm not around as much these days . Lady Loser has been lost although I have popped in to read from time to time !
Same bs different day. ...3 weeks later

" Dear ladyl,

Thank you for contacting our support.
And I truly apologize for the delayed reply to you.

Unfortunately, there is no resolution or update to the query yet.

Please note that the duration of each investigation varies depending on each case, and we will be in contact with you directly via email as soon as we have a resolution or update available.

Kind Regards,. "
terrible waiting on a few quid/ but barring everything's normal vs will pay you no worries there, its a bit like savin it up :thumbsup:
terrible waiting on a few quid/ but barring everything's normal vs will pay you no worries there, its a bit like savin it up :thumbsup:

I hope you're right ... Christmas is coming , would be handy. We've had a shit year here between health and death and it would be bloody well nice to treat the family. I can't plan ahead though cos it's a fairly large chunk of money and I daren't even spend it in my mind. Thats a really crappy feeling.

I am also grumpy cos it's Black Friday week and the sales would lighten the load . I have teenagers ..for the love of God won't so!done please think of the parent!!! :eek2:
Hi @JkG,

Quick update.

Leander has informed us that they will manually close any pending rounds today. You will receive an email from us once your winnings have been credited.

Best regards,
Team Videoslots

Thankyou for your help Team VS. my account was credited and I was able to withdraw today.
Just in time!
Many many thanks for everyone's support and assistance in this matter.
Looking forward to spinning the reels for fun again soon ;):)
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