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A hopefully brief hiatus

Discussion in 'The Attic' started by Jasminebed, Oct 6, 2017.

    Oct 6, 2017
  1. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth

    Not in workforce
    I have stuff going on for me, especially my vision, that means in ginorous fonts it takes me ages to scroll through and read stuff. Even then I have to peer forward which is bad for my bad back.

    I do need to limit screentime, and I hate replying to threads I have not read all the posts.

    I'm enjoying my gambling less and less, mostly because of my vision.

    I will log in, and you are more than welcome to send me a pm, and especially if you think I should read a certain thread and contribute.

    There are quite a few aspects of my day to day life I'm missing these days, and this forum and it's members is a big one. I was pretty ill when I joined, and got sicker, and it kept me feeling connected and useful.

    But it has taken nearly an hour for me to write this much, and it's not really time I can spare currently.

    I know you are there if I really need you, and I'm probably there if you need me too.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
  2. Oct 7, 2017
  3. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    I understand and really hope you get some time occasionally to drop in on us - you'll be missed, one of my favourite posters! Until next time..xx
  4. Oct 7, 2017
  5. colinsunderland

    colinsunderland Experienced Member MM webmeister

    Hope everything goes well for you :)

    I just saw your thread asking about site accessibility, don't know if this helps, but on my forum (using same software) one of my members struggled with the desktop skin (due to vision) but found if he switched it to the default mobile skin it was much easier for him - its in a drop down box at the bottom of every page if you want to try, to switch back just click full site at the bottom of the page :)
  6. Oct 7, 2017
  7. DreamRJ

    DreamRJ Out of this world! MM webmeister

    RJVille UK
    I hope you dont stay gone for long. And I hope your health and vision improves some as well. I will be thinking of you Jasmine (hug)
  8. Oct 7, 2017
  9. Mouche12

    Mouche12 Kitty Lover PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABnoaccred

    Translator and facilities manager
    So sad to hear Jasmine that your vision is poor and your back is aching. Will miss your posts too. Wishing you all the best and do let us know when you're doing better - I really hope things will improve for you. :)
  10. Oct 7, 2017
  11. Jd666

    Jd666 RiffRaff

    Maggot Farmer
    Republic Of West Yorkshire
    Take care Jazzy.

    Best wishes
  12. Oct 7, 2017
  13. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    So sorry to hear about your situation Jazzy... :(
    Wishing you all the best.

  14. Oct 7, 2017
  15. greylady

    greylady The more I learn, the less I know

    Little Minx :-)
    Here's hoping your situation will improve and you will come bouncing back with the Jazz we have come to know. Take care.
  16. Oct 7, 2017
  17. Steviedoo

    Steviedoo Senior Member

    Good luck....hopefully the surgery will be soon.
  18. Oct 7, 2017
  19. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth

    Not in workforce
    I've been using my tablet more and more, but I really detest typing on it so far. I do use full site on mobile, as I can hold it inches from my face.

    The eye appointment I've waited for since February visiting the ER has been shifted to January from October.

    This does not thrill me.

    But, heating pads may shorten the life of my brand new memory foam mattress, so there is certain amount of time spent in my steno chair.

    I really really hate the amount of typos that slip by me when I can't truly see what I'm typing. I know I'm more critical of myself than you folks are.

    Thank you all for the support. I'm confident I'll be back soonish, at least occasionally. And I will continue to read at least some of it, as I have in the past few months.
  20. Oct 7, 2017
  21. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK Meister Member CAG mm1

    job is OK
    Linda, sorry to hear it worsened so much.

    Could you have surgery to have at least the cataract removed? That's fairly easy these days, my mom had the procedure done a few years ago. Morning into the clinic, local anesthetic, 3 hours later out of the clinic again and it was much better.

    Take care and read you soon! :thumbsup:
  22. Oct 7, 2017
  23. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth

    Not in workforce
    Of course I will Harry. Maybe 4 to 6 months after the consultation in January. These are fast growing cataracts, not the same exactly as age related ones. The decline in my vision since June is scary. 20 years ago there was not as much chance of success for these, it's more internal than the outside lens.

    Had they told me in February that it would be January of the following year before a consulation, I could have gone to another city in my province. But travel and hotels are expensive here, and it was May before I found out my appointment was not until October. A moderately remote city in Northern Ontario has the shortest wait time for a consultation or surgery, but would have cost more than my flight to Europe this summer, and more for 3 days in a hotel than what I paid for 19 days in Malta. And when they let me know in May that it would be October, there was not much point, especially since it would require at least two more trips for the actual surgery.

    I do have an appointment with an occupational therapist in about two weeks, that I booked after my consultation was shifted.

    For a gal that was leaving, I've been pretty vocal, lol.

    I've got through worse and lived to tell the tale.
  24. Oct 7, 2017
  25. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK Meister Member CAG mm1

    job is OK
    Hallelujah, that is a long waiting time. Time were your world is getting blurrier by the day until there is virtually no clear vision left.

    My mom had the slow progressing version which creeps in over years.

    Keep my fingers crossed that you get through this and come out at the other end with your vision restored. All the best! :thumbsup:
  26. Oct 7, 2017
  27. illu88

    illu88 Experienced Member webby MM webmeister

    Aachen / Germany
    All the Best and Good Luck !!!
  28. Oct 7, 2017
  29. Kelly Jo

    Kelly Jo Senior Member MM

    United States
    Jaz! I use my phone when I want to post a reply because it has voice to text. It takes a little practice and it is not perfect, but it helps tremendously! The key to remember is to speak slowly and remember to add punctuation.
    If I were you, I'd invest in a text to voice /voice to text software program. Heck, it's likely that there are programs out there that are free. worth a look!
  30. Oct 7, 2017
  31. jetset

    jetset RIP Brian CAG

    Senior Partner, InfoPowa News Service
    Holding thumbs for you Jazzy!

    Hope all turns out well and you can return sooner rather than later.
  32. Oct 7, 2017
  33. Flyer187

    Flyer187 Senior Member PABnoaccred

    England, UK
    All the best Jasmine - I hope things improve and you're back soon.
  34. Oct 9, 2017
  35. Cyclops

    Cyclops Owner of Americasino.co

    Fingers crossed

    I hope it all works out for you good luck :)
  36. Oct 9, 2017
  37. osulle

    osulle Ueber Meister CAG mm4 mm1

    Northern hemisphere
    I hope your hiatus will indeed be brief as I very much enjoy your poss Jazzy. Wishing you the best for your back and sight. Take care:)
  38. Oct 9, 2017
  39. bebo67

    bebo67 Meister Member MM PABnonaccred

    Gemix Queen
    Ontario Canada
    We both have and are seeing how quickly Ontario's health system is worsening. I have your number, as you have mine. We will still be communicating;)

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