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Aug 11, 2002
Hi Bryan,

You may remember me from the incident where Windows kept my $4000 in winnings because they say I was linked to other account.

Well, now I have similar problem with 7 Sultans. I lost money on their initial deposit bonus. A couple of months after that, they send me a buy $400 get $200 promo. I did it and lost all the money.

A few weeks ago, they send me a buy $600 get $400 promo. I wagered the first $600 and waited for the bonus. It never came and they locked my account. I had lost $75 at the time.

They said my account was locked because they needed me to prove my identity. I sent them my license and utility bills, credit card copies, etc.. They then asked for proof of how I funded my Neteller account. I told them I didn't use a credit card or bank account to fund it. I told them my friend send me $600 from his Neteller account.

So, they asked me for proof of how HE funded his NT account. I couldn't believe they were going this far. But i sent my friend's bank statement to them and figured that would be it.

Today, they email me and say that they are sorry but I have multiple accounts (I do not) and my account will be locked and all money kept.

I am upset. After making me jump through all those hoops, they now tell me this?

Yes, I have friend who gamble and we sometimes play together. So what? But to wait until I deposit a large sum and then keep it? This sounds like real time gaming!!! They knew all along what they were going to do but kept me sending documents until I was blue in face.

I just want my deposit back of $600.

I have never had a problem with any of the
Fortune Lounge casinos before now.


Alma Adamson
Hi all,

Yes, I'll contact the casino and see what's up. Sounds like you've had quite a losing streak :eek:

Hi all,

Here is the scoop:

Hi Bryan,

In anticipation of you contacting us regarding this complaint that was
posted on your forum yesterday, I would like to respond as follows:

After thorough investigation it was found that the player's account was
linked to SEVERAL other accounts under different names and that she charged
back all purchases on one of her accounts with us.

As it was indeed our intention to refund the purchase back to the Neteller
account, and because the Neteller account did not belong to her ("funded by
a friend") we requested proof of the purchase. Now that we have received it
the refund will be processed.

I have checked all correspondence with this player and she was never told
that the purchase would not be refunded. She was, however, informed that
winnings will not be paid out in accordance with our terms and conditions.

VP Casino Operations - Fortune Lounge Casinos

My first instinct is to get frustrated. But I take a deep breath and write a nice letter to you. Yes, I am stupid. I have friends gamble if they come over to my house and I have a DSL line.
With the DSL, I have the same IP address every time I sign on. Stupid.

If I was really trying to deceive the casinos, I would sign on with my modem and get a different IP address each time a friend played here. But I don't do that because the friends sign up on their computer and have their own homes that
they play out of with a seperate address.

As far as them not telling me my deposit was being kept? I kept asking for my $600 deposit back. Here is what they said in one email:

* * * * *

Please be advised that our player security division have locked all your Fortune Lounge accounts as they have found that other casino accounts are linked to your accounts. As per the casino terms and conditions we do not allow this, and your accounts will remain locked by our player security division and cannot be unlocked again.

If all your winnings were won on your first account there would not be this kind of problem but you chose to open other accounts at the casinos thus making all winnings and other dealings on these accounts null and void.

As per our terms and conditions, which you agreed
to when you opened the account, the casino reserves the right to lock account for whatever reason they deem fit and also reserves the right to retract winnings if them deem it nessaccary as well.

* * * * *

"All winnings and other dealings" sounds like the
deposit is being kept. If I misunderstood, then
that is my fault.

As far as chargebacks? Huh? Myself, my boyfriend
and not one of my friends has EVER charged back
on ANY casino. Where do they come up with this stuff? All of us have had some sizable losses (and wins) and have never submitted a chargeback. Why do these casinos lie through their teeth? I don't get it. I lost won $30,000 (Let It Ride) at Twin Aces one day and then lost it all back plus a couple of thousand of my own money a few days later. The thought of charging back never crossed my mind. Fortune Lounge and other casinos should not be able to through the "chargeback" work around with any proof. It's a form of slander or libel.

Thank God for Intercasino and Casino On Net. I
NEVER hear any complaints about either of them.

I guess my lesson is that I cannot have friends gamble with me or we will face the consequences. The IGC said there were no rules broken on my Windows account (Similar circumstances as here) but I have yet to be paid a dime of the $4000 they owe me in winnings and Windows remains an IGC backed casino.

Thanks for clearing this up,

As long as you get the deposit back, I think everything is settled. I suggest you keep your DSL line to yourself if you want to play at other casinos, because many of them will tell you the same thing.

You may not ever chargeback (which is good) but anytime they see what appears to be evidence of multiple abuse, the issue of chargeback will always come up.

Which IGC said there were no rules broken on your Windows account (there are three IGCs)?

Good job Bryan!
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They are the ones who told me (via email) that
it seemed no rules had been broken in my Windows $4000 win. I had not gambled with a bonus. The only "problem" was, once again, the stupid DSL line.

I have learned my lesson but doesn't mean I agree with their decisions. Add to the fact that RTG never even got back to me when I disputed the case repeatedly. They just ignored me. I try to avoid RTG casinos.

Good move, though I think there might be a very few exceptions.

As for the IGC you used - unfortunately, that's not saying much because many of us have doubts as to their credibility.

Strangely enough, though, there's one other peculiarity - if you had a lot of friends playing on your DSL line, should they not have used their own credit cards as well? That in itself could have lent a lot of weight to your claim, because each of these "players" would have to have different identities.
When it comes to having any casino accounts on your computer, you should be the sole user. You and no one else. One screw up and you're screwed. That's the bottom line. DO NOT let other people have access to your casino account. You will lose out seriously.

Most casinos have this covered in their terms and conditions. This protects both them and the player against fraudulent use.

Well, Bryan, what happens if I do let my wife to make a few spins on slots while I am logged in to a casino under my name . Usually I play BJ, but when I take a break I could allow her to play slots in the meantime. I play slots too. I am just wondering if somehow this has become known to a casino would they punish me?

I recall a case when someone was denied winnings just because of this reason. What if she takes my seat without asking? Am I suppposed to evict her forcebly or report her to the casino? lol
Technically, you're probably breaching the terms and conditions of a casino when this happens, even though it doesn't seem like such a major deal. What the casino is concered about is when other people have access to a player's account, make deposits and lose the money. As a player, wouldn't you be pissed if that happened to you? Wouldn't you deny that it was you who was playing and demand a refund? This is why this is a serious thing to consider when allowing others to play with your account.

Realistically in your situation, I wouldn't worry about it so much, unless she starts making serious deposits and losing them. You should open an account at a similar casino and let her play there with her allowance. :)


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