32 red Slot issue


Sep 24, 2023
Yesterday i activated the feature mode on big bass splash and it was actually looking really promising as I was at the x10 stage with 10 spins left when my phone decided to crash!

when I logged back into the game it did not resume and there was no funds put into my account.

has this happens before to anyone?

is there anything I can do?

gutted because I think I was on for a big win !

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Their representative on Casinomeister is @Rob_32Red, who will assist you either in this thread, but more likely via Private Message function, which is available when hovering over a user's profile.

I'd imagine this gets resolved amicably, but worth bearing in mind that determining what caused the game to crash can often take a while, as 32Red would need to contact the software provider and so on! :cool:

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